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Why look to any other supplier of dispenser sumps?

Our know-how in the installation and maintenance of tank chamber systems should make it unsurprising that we are also one of the most renowned suppliers of dispenser sumps.

While our generic frame design is a good match for most dispenser types, we can also provide manufacturer-specific frames. If you require sumps that can fully contain your under pump pipework, there’s really no need to look any further than our acclaimed ChamberTite sumps.

We can supply dispenser sumps that are an especially good choice for fusion pipework systems that require more space due to larger connection sizes.
What are the key advantages of our dispenser sumps?

Not only do our dispenser sumps incorporate a wide throat to improve access – thereby simplifying installation – but they can also be supplied with an optional dispenser mounting frame. There is a support structure for riser support or shear valve mounting, while you can use our range of entry boots for water and fuel tight entries to prevent site contamination.

The dispenser sumps in our stock are a fine choice for flexible, semi-rigid fusion pipework systems, fibreglass and steel pipework. The design of the chamber depths should also give you the assurance that you need for site level changes and line drain back.

But we can provide many other products for tank chamber systems

Whatever you require to make your tank chamber systems work, we can provide them here at Forecourt Installation Services.
Are you aware, for example, of the Fibrelite fibreglass tank sumps that we offer for any kind of tank, including fibreglass, steel and fibreglass and polyurethane jacketed steel? Or what about the new UPP fusion chamber with its riser section that electrofuses to the base? The latter feature means that multiple bolt holes and foam gaskets are not required in this area, thereby greatly reducing the number of potential leak paths.

Consider, too, our cost-effective and installer friendly ATLAS Mono Gen 2 chambers and the lightweight watertight composite manhole covers that are perfect for use over petroleum storage tanks, and you should soon see why we command such an excellent reputation in relation to all things tank chamber systems.

Enquire today to Forecourt Installation Services to find out more about our know-how that extends far beyond the finest dispenser sumps on the market.  

​Turn to Forecourt Installation Services for industry-leading fuel tank chambers

While, here at Forecourt Installation Services, we are certainly proud of our formidable industry reputation in relation to fuel tank storage systems, we are also acclaimed providers and maintainers of some of the finest fuel tank chambers presently available on the market.

Fibrelite – one of the most respected names in fuel tank chambers

A case in point is the Fibrelite chamber that is not only watertight, but also vacuum testable before and after installation and sports an anti-static surface. As a matter of fact, Fibrelite presently offers various fibreglass tank sumps for any type of tank, including fibreglass, steel and fibreglass and polyurethane jacketed steel variants.

Whether you order a round, square or rectangular tank sump, when you make your tank sump a Fibrelite tank sump, installers are assured of the maximum space in which to work. With Fibrelite, you can also look forward to the highest standard of manufacture, with one-piece moulded FRP components that have a smooth surface to enable the easy installation of entry boots.

With Fibrelite products in this category also being designed and manufactured to withstand high ground water pressure after installation for the lifetime of the site, you can have the utmost peace of mind when you place as much trust in this brand as we have.

But we also offer various other options

However, those seeking the maximum value, quality and functionality in their chosen fuel tank chambers may also be interested in the new UPP fusion chamber, with its riser section that electrofuses to the base. This means there is no need for multiple bolt holes and foam gaskets in this area, thereby drastically minimising the number of potential leak paths.

Similarly acclaimed in the world of fuel tank chambers is the Atlas Mono Gen 2, sure to be appreciated by those already familiar with the Gen 1 Mono system. Constructed from mild steel plate with predefined pipe entry and exit positions, it has to be the most installer-friendly and cost-effective chamber system available today.

Learn more about our wide-ranging know-how

It isn’t just fuel tanks or fuel tank chambers in which we specialise here at Forecourt Installation Services, as can be quickly appreciated by those perusing our website. We have no affiliations to any pump, tank or fuel monitoring manufacturers, so we can confidently recommend you the solutions that best meet your specific requirements, all at the right price.


Hazards to watch out for when working in a petrol station

You may already be well aware of the dangers of working in a petrol station, as well as of the health risks posed when working with petrol and other hazardous materials. However, for those who know how to prevent accidents and address them when they happen, it can be perfectly safe and rewarding work.

Look out for these common hazards and learn how to address them to help make your workplace a safer place to live.

Explosions and fires

This is a problem that can be easily avoided. Even if you practice good health and safety in the workplace, you are still putting everyone around you in danger by smoking a cigarette. It only takes a tiny spark for petrol to be ignited, and that one ignition might travel all the way to the pumps and cause an explosion.

Be smart and keep cigarettes and cigars far away from the petrol station, for the good of your health and the safety of others.

Toxic spillages

Not only can spilt petrol create toxic vapour that could harm you and other employees, but it can also spill down into drains and make its way into the water, causing lasting damage to the environment.

Petrol stagnates on the top of water surfaces and can travel very long distances, which could lead it to a natural stream, resulting in the poisoning of wildlife.

Offences like these carry heavy penalties, costing companies a great amount of money in fines. Luckily, the problem is simple to remedy. With the use of a spill kit, you can ensure that petrol or other harmful fuel doesn’t spread throughout your workplace.

Spillage drain covers are another great way to keep petrol and other hazardous liquids from making their way into drains.

Leaking pipes

Sometimes, large patches of corrosive materials or fuels can develop without people being aware of them. Leaks in pipework may only let out a few drops at a time, but soon enough, that can build up and become a fire hazard.

Knowing when and where a leak is coming from can be the difference between a minor inconvenience and a life-threatening situation. Ample leak protection can help to stop any build-up of hazardous liquids.

Forecourt Installation Services can help to keep your workplace safe

Forecourt Installation Services offers a wide range of spill kits designed to quickly clean away petrol spills, as well as amazing leak detection technology. Get in touch today to learn more about how you can make your workplace safer with our help.

​​Essential safety checks for any business working with hazardous chemicals and fuels

Workplace injury can be avoided with the correct tools. Avoid litigation by making sure your pipes and storage apparatus are kept secure and the proper cleaning equipment is available in the event of a spill.

Make these checks to help keep your workers safe and maintain peak efficiency for your company.

Can spills be treated?

When corrosive chemicals are spilt, they can produce fumes that are highly toxic to your staff. Spilt oil or petrol, for example, is highly flammable, posing an immediate risk of fire. These hazards make it all the more necessary to clean such messes quickly and thoroughly.
Standard towels or cloths will not suffice. Purchase Forecourt Installation Services' spill kits, and your workplace can benefit from a set of super absorbent socks that not only absorb chemicals and oils but also deter water, making the clean-up process much quicker and more efficient.

Are your drains covered?

Not only can corrosive chemicals and flammable fuels pose an immediate safety risk to your staff, but they can also spill into a drain and cause lasting damage to the environment. This can lead to the poisoning of local wildlife and substantial fines for your company.

A drain cover from Forecourt Installation Services can prevent a liquid from going down a drain if it is spilt, thereby enabling you to use a spill kit to mop up the mess.

Can you recognise leaks?

Leaking pipes are not always noticeable. If fuels and chemicals are allowed to leak for a long period without being noticed, fires could happen too suddenly for you to act upon them.

To ensure that such built-up spills don’t occur as a result of leakage, you should install a leak detection system that will alert you to the presence of a leak, or potential area of leakage, and help you to address it before any serious harm is caused.  

Are you protected against fire?

If a fire were to break out, you need to make sure that your equipment can withstand the fire, especially if it carries any flammable liquids inside. When fire breaches fuel storage tanks, the fire can grow and spread much faster, endangering the lives of people on site.

Make sure you’re storing your fuel and other hazardous liquids in fire retardant storage tanks to prevent your premises from experiencing explosions or much more severe fires. Leaving the premises when a small fire occurs is easier for your employees than escaping a rapidly spreading and already large fire.

Contact Forecourt Installation Services for safety tips and reliable products

Peruse our website here at Forecourt Installation Services to learn more about what we can offer you to make sure your workplace remains safe and compliant. Get in touch for advice on how to prevent fires and poisoning from happening on your premises.  

​How Forecourt Installation Services can help to protect your business against both spills and leaks 

The operation of a petrol station or business that deals with corrosive chemicals opens up significant health risks that, if not suitably controlled, can also cause lasting damage to the wider environment and your company's reputation.

Thankfully, Forecourt Installation Services carries a wide range of products that are specifically designed to keep your business safe from the adverse effects of toxic spills and faulty piping.

Turn to us for the very best spill protection

Fuel spills can be very difficult to clean up and control. Allowing the fuel to linger on the ground for too long can make breathing uncomfortable for people nearby and create a fire hazard, which could cause an explosion in a volatile setting such as a petrol station.

Such spills can be quickly and safely cleaned up with one of our specialised spill kits, consisting of highly absorbent spill material that soaks up oil and petroleum. Nor are these kits only useful for fuel spillages, as they are also highly effective at soaking up corrosive liquids, and the provided bin is sufficiently reinforced to hold such liquids without deteriorating.

Sometimes, spills can be near drains, which creates the risk of the fuel falling down them and causing untold damage to the environment. This is just one more reason why, here at Forecourt Installation Services, we stock a broad range of spill pads that are specifically designed to keep spills under control and prevent them from going anywhere near a drain.

Leak detection is another one of our specialities

In many ways, however, the most hazardous spills are those that go unnoticed for long periods of time, as can occur when vehicles or piping leak.

The good news is that you can prevent leaks from happening in the first place with the help of our sophisticated leak detection systems. These systems are designed to handle water-polluting liquids and operate with pressure and vacuum functionality.

Our systems install easily onto pipe-works and provide an effective alarm that lets you know when a leak is occurring. Speed is important when treating leaks, and this alarm enables you to quickly and temporarily seal the leak so that remedial work can be carried out.

Keep your business safe with Forecourt Installation Services 

Our spill kits and pipe maintenance products can be instrumental in ensuring that your staff and customers are truly safe in your workspace, while preventing your business from causing any damage to the environment due to unintentional leaks or spills.

Contact one of our team members here at Forecourt Installation Services today for a friendly chat about your business needs and how we can help to make your own organisation's workplace a safer one. 

Two of the biggest reasons to invest in workplace environmental protection

We do hope that you are already aware of the countless benefits that practising proper environmental protection brings, but it's surprising how many people still underestimate its importance.

To shed further light on the critical role that the right environmental protection methods such as our spill kits can play in a workplace like your own, here are just two of the advantages to your firm of doing everything that it can to protect our precious Earth.
It is crucial for our wider world

It's important to remember that when it comes to the environment, everything is interconnected - what is bad for one habitat or ecosystem tends to have a greatly adverse effect on others, too.

This is an aspect of environmental protection that you may underestimate given how affordable our high-quality spill kits and similar products here at Forecourt Installation Services really are, so let's give you an example.

Let's imagine that you have invested in drain protection covers. These can be invaluable in the event of a spill, helping to ensure that otherwise dangerous fuel does not make its way into the water supply.

If that did occur, a detrimental effect could be felt in the world's drinking water, bathing water and oceans, where any contamination can easily harm wildlife that may already be under threat from pollution.

When purchasing a drain protection cover, however, you should also ensure that the one you choose is suitable for use with the liquids that are at risk of spillage in your workplace - whether they are oil, diesel, heating oil or any comparable substance.

Your workplace will thank you

Alongside the more obvious benefits of having the right plan in place, practising the highest standards of environmental protection at your work premises may serve to boost morale.

We recommend properly training your staff when environmental protection equipment such as a spill kit is purchased, so that everyone is well-versed in its correct use if one of the many typical workplace dangers relating to liquid spillages does come to pass. 

One of the most efficient ways to train your staff is to set aside a day or two to allow them to become familiar with the environmental protection equipment and the accompanying instructions - indeed, a demonstration or two on how to use it will also be invaluable.

Allow your employees to practice as much as they wish to with your newly acquired environmental protection equipment. As well as offering your staff a break from their normal duties, an induction or training day or morning can also be vital for ensuring the safest and best-prepared possible workplace.

Would you like to find out more about the environmental protection measures that you should be implementing at your own work premises? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and receptive team.  

​Ensure the highest standard of environmental protection with our spill kits

All responsible businesses will want to pay attention to both the safety of their workforce and the wellbeing of the wider environment. If your business uses oil, fuel and other hazardous liquids, then the environmental protection products available through Forecourt Installation Services could be the ideal safety solutions.

Spillages are bad for not only the environment but also business operations. A fuel spill can add time, effort and cost to the running of your business, but with careful preparation and by stocking the correct equipment and tools, you can minimise the damage that a spill causes.

The spill kits and oil absorbent products available on our website are ideal companions to businesses that work on a regular basis with fuels and oils. The products that we stock are suitable for diesel, petrol, AdBlue® and other fuels and lubrication fluids, which makes them convenient and flexible in environments where multiple oils and products are used in sync.

We do, for example, stock wheeled bin spill kits. Not only are these kits convenient in the fact they can be transported across your site for safe disposal, but they were designed to repel water and store up to 200 litres of fuel for easy storage, rendering them perfect for fuel islands and other heavy-duty uses.

In addition, we stock smaller alternatives such as our 100-litre bin spill kit and 40-litre spill kits, all of which allow you to comply with the Pollution Prevention Guidelines that state you should have spill kits on-site to improve the safety of your workforce and environment.

In our effort to stock every product that your business may require, we also sell drain protection covers, which protect against unwanted fuels and oils entering your drainage systems. Furthermore, our dump sump pallets, designed to complement construction sites and work with forklifts, are convenient and easy to use for heavy-duty operations.

Finally, we stock small container trays, which feature grids to keep the drums off the bottom of the tray and are designed to work with 25-litre drums. Suitable for a range of liquids such as AdBlue®, antifreeze, diesel, oil, petrol and water, these trays offer the flexibility required for industry.

 To see the full range of stock available at Forecourt Installation Services, we recommend browsing the spill kit section of our website or calling a member of our friendly customer service team, who will be able to answer any questions you may have.

How to make the most of your spill kits and other environmental protection

The benefits of having access to sufficient high-quality environmental protection – such as spill kits or drain protection covers – ought to be largely self-explanatory, but it is also crucial to make the most of whatever environmental protection you may have to hand at your workplace.

To gain the greatest possible value from your spill kits, drain protection covers or whatever other environmental protection may be available at your organisation's premises, you may wish to take note of the following advice.

Proper environmental protection should be just a step away

Even if you purchase a spill kit with the appropriate absorbency and know how to use it both quickly and with the utmost precision, it may not do much good if you cannot reach it in time when you most need it.

This is why you should ensure that any and all environmental protection is stored in a location that can be easily accessed, close to any areas in which such dangers as spills or contamination may present themselves.

Users of your facility should be made aware of the storage location of your organisation's environmental protection, not least in the form of a clear on-site display and in the employee health and safety handbook.

A small price to pay for reliable safety measures

To further supplement the above information, you may also need to provide yourself and your employees with appropriate training in the proper usage of spill kits and other environmental protection.

Although such kits come with instruction manuals, it is wise to inform yourself well in advance of what you need to do in the event of a spill or contamination, as opposed to having to process such valuable information for the first time in an emergency.

It is also worth ensuring that you have the correct size of spill kit for your needs and that you have purchased the most up-to-date environmental protection products available. If you haven’t, it is of the utmost importance that you stock up; some older products may not work as efficiently and may even increase the risk present.

For further information on environmental protection or if you have any further queries regarding how to use our own spill kits and related products correctly, please don’t hesitate to contact Forecourt Installation Services; the longer you leave such matters, the greater the risk may be. 

Our spillage kits help to ensure the utmost workplace safety

Diesel and petrol spills are not as straightforward to clean up as other spillages - they cannot simply be mopped up, and a lingering diesel or petrol spill is an immediate fire hazard and potentially deadly to inhale.

In addition to these dangers, spilt fuel can sometimes seep into drains and cause lasting pollution to the environment, poisoning water and killing wildlife.

What is the purpose of a spill kit?

With a specialised spill kit, you can avoid the aforementioned risks when a spill or leak is detected by cleaning it up quickly and effectively. Spill kits can absorb oil, petroleum and other kinds of fuel while simultaneously repelling water.

Nor is the purpose of spillage kits limited to the absorption of different fuels; they come in handy when dealing with corrosive materials too. Some spill kits are treated to remove any risk of leaking and deterioration, even while they are full of acidic liquids.

What spill kits do we offer here at Forecourt Installation Services?

Forecourt Installation Services offers 40-litre, 100-litre and 200-litre spill kits suitable for any job, no matter how big or small. These spill kits can be used outdoors or indoors, having been designed to be convenient for motor repair businesses and other types of business that work with hazardous fuels daily.

Each kit comes with a number of super absorbent 'socks', which are used to encircle the spill area and prevent it from spreading.

The spill kits also have several special pads, which are designed to be super absorbent when dealing with fuels. They can be placed in the affected area and absorb fuel while repelling any water. Exclusively absorbing fuels without interference from other moisture makes the pad highly efficient at cleaning these kinds of spills.

We also provide a helpful drain protection cover to further guard against the risk of pollution.

Ensure the safest possible workplace with our help

Here at Forecourt Installation Services, we understand the importance of a clean, spill-free work area - in addition to supplying highly efficient heating oil solutions, fuel tanks and fuel pipe systems, we provide a wealth of important information that will help you to ensure proper fuel maintenance.

We also supply leak detection systems, fuel hygiene kits and maintenance services to further ensure that you really do benefit from the safest workplace.

A spill kit is just one of the crucial items that you will need on hand when working with dangerous fuels, so don't be afraid to peruse our extensive product range here at Forecourt Installation Services to ensure that your workers really do benefit from the utmost safety - whatever the setting in which they work. 

Why purchasing the wrong spill kit can be dangerous, and how you can prevent these dangers

Repeat readers of our blog will almost certainly be aware already of how vital it is to have spill kits available at their place of work, should the need arise to use one.

Spill kits are used when a fuel or another liquid is spilled, to prevent it from causing a range of risks including slipping, contamination and the inhalation of toxic fumes.

However, simply having a spill kit in your place of work isn’t enough to reduce the chance of these dangers occurring. As we’ve discussed in a previous blog post, you must ensure that you have a kit with sufficient absorbency and that is suitable for use with the fuels and liquids used at your facility. Furthermore, you must know how to use such a kit quickly and correctly.

If you fail to do the above, here are a few of the risks that your workmates, employees or the public could become subject to.

Are you using a kit with too little absorbency?

Even if you use your spill kit correctly and quickly, not having enough spill kit products or having ones that aren’t absorbent enough means that a large amount of fuel or liquid could remain, meaning that the aforementioned risks of slipping, contamination or toxic fumes could be heightened.

Are you using a kit that isn’t suitable for the liquids you work with?

Make a note of every liquid or fuel that is used at your place of work and ensure that you purchase spill kits that can absorb all of them, even if that necessitates the purchase of multiple kits.

For example, if you are looking to absorb an oil spill on water and use a kit designed to absorb both water and oil-based liquids, it will cause the kit to absorb the oil and the water, causing it to sink. If, alternatively, you work with corrosive liquids, using a spill kit that has limited compatibility could cause a chemical reaction, which further endangers your employees.

Do you know how to use your kit?

Not knowing how to use your spill kit poses an even greater risk of all of the aforementioned dangers; if you fail to contain the amount of fuel or liquid that is spilled, there is a higher chance that someone will slip on it, inhale toxic fumes or become subject to contamination.

Quite simply, the risks of using an unsuitable spill kit aren't worth taking. Find out more about our spill kits – including how to purchase the correct products and how to use them correctly - by getting in touch with our friendly and professional team here at Forecourt Installation Services today. 

The most frequent errors made by those purchasing spill kits  

We’ve already informed you as to why spill kits are a necessity in any environment that concerns fuel, and given you a handy guide on which one of our spill kits may be the best purchase for you.

However, to further drive the point home, we thought we would explain why choosing the correct spill kit for your needs is crucial, and how it could be the difference between a minor disturbance and a disaster for your facility and employees.

 Here are some of the main mistakes that people make when they purchase spill kits.

The absorbency of the kit isn’t sufficient

To ensure the correct size of spill kit, you should purchase the kit that can handle your absolute worst-case scenario spill.

Before purchasing a spill kit, you should evaluate the spills that could possibly occur at your facility, and then make a choice accordingly. If in doubt, opt for a kit that’s too big instead of one that’s too small. It’s best to be prepared, as a spill can spread and cause damage extremely quickly.

The kit isn’t suitable for the fuel or liquid used at your facility

If a spill kit isn’t compatible with the type of liquid or fuel used at your facility, it probably won’t work as well as you expect.

For example, if a highly corrosive liquid was spilled on your premises, it would be unwise to use a spillage kit that has limited compatibility, as there are chances that an undesirable chemical reaction could occur, endangering employees.

Once you are certain as to what liquids and fuels are used at your facility, you can make the safest and best-informed purchase.

Do you even know how to use your spill kit?

Some organisations don't realise their kits are inadequately stocked until it’s much too late, which is why it’s important to check that they are fully stocked on a frequent basis.

PPE can also play a key role in ensuring that spill kits are used correctly. We encourage you to use PPE that you are familiar with and that you know is functioning correctly.

Most importantly, you should know how spill kits work and how to use them efficiently. It is, after all, better to know just in case, instead of panicking when a spill does occur.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Forecourt Installation Services LTD for further information on spill kits and how to use them correctly, or to find out more about environmental protection as a whole. 

How to choose the most suitable Forecourt Installation Services spill kit for your needs

​Spill kits are a must-have on-site, whatever environment you work in or whatever fuel you work with. Spillages are something that everybody who works with fuel wants to avoid, but they can happen – so it’s always best to be safe rather than sorry.


However, there are several factors to consider that will help you to determine which spill kit you need to purchase.


What liquids are you working with?


As you are most likely aware, we cater to those who work in the fuel industry, which is why all of the spill kits we stock are designed to absorb oil or other fuel while repelling water.


Our spill kits can be used with diesel, petrol, AdBlue® and various other fuels and lubrication fluids.


Determine the maximum amount of fluid that is likely to spill


It doesn’t bear thinking about, but we would advise you to imagine your worst case scenario spill before purchasing your spill kit accordingly.


We stock spill kits that are designed to soak up 200 litres, 100 litres and 40 litres of fluid. The greater the volume, the more socks, pads and disposable bags you will be provided with.


Still not what you’re looking for?


We also stock other environmental protection products, including a drain protection cover, two drum sump pallet and small container bunded trays.


The drain protection cover is used to prevent fuel from contaminating any water sources and can be used with diesel, oil and heating oil. The pallet and trays are used to store different sizes of containers and are intended to catch any leaks, while keeping the containers off the bottom thanks to a removable polyethylene grate.


If you need any further advice on choosing the correct environmental protection product for your place of work, please don’t hesitate to contact Forecourt Installation Services Ltd.


Despite having only been an established company for just over four years now, we’re highly experienced in nearly all aspects of the fuel industry, from the installation and maintenance of tanks and gauges to testing fuel hygiene and much, much more.


We can work in an array of different environments and with many fuels, including diesel, petroleum, biofuels, anti-freeze and many others.


Feel free to contact us for more information about our complete range of services here at Forecourt Installation Services - you won't regret it!

A general guide on spill kit usage from Forecourt Installation Services

Environmental protection is of the utmost importance, whatever fuel you are working with, what environment you are working in and almost any other factors.


Regardless of how much you practice and preach environmental protection, however accidents can still happen. That’s where spillage kits like those that we can supply here at Forecourt Installation Services come in.


A spillage kit or spill kit is used as an immediate response to spills and leaks – be it of water, fuel or any other liquid.


The procedure of using said kits will vary depending on the liquid spilled or leaked, the environment and much more – but here is a general guide on how to use them.


The most important part


You should make sure that you know exactly where your spill kit is stored on your premises. This is key to stopping any spills or leaks before they get too out of hand.


Establish what type of liquid has leaked or spilled, and figure out if there are any risks. Now is a good time to protect yourself using gloves and goggles.


Whatever liquid has leaked or spilled, raise an alarm or make others in the area aware of it; even if it’s just water or another fairly harmless material, it will still pose the risk of slips or falls. If anyone has been injured, help them if it is safe to do so.


How to use the spillage kit


Stop the source of the leak if applicable; if you can turn off any valves or taps or patch any holes up, do so.


Now you can begin containing the spilled fluid. Use the socks to form a circle around the edge of the spilled fluid to contain it. If there are any drains or grates nearby that the spilled fluid could leak into, use the socks to protect them as well.


Next, place a pad in the centre of the spill contained within the sock, or anywhere else they are needed.


Once the spill has been fully contained, dispose of the socks and pads by placing them in the disposable bags provided. After that, follow proper storage and disposal guidelines – these will vary depending on different factors, but it’s most likely that you will have to label each disposal bag and set them in a quarantine area to be removed by a licensed carrier.


It is important to fully restock your spill kit after each use and leave it in a designated area – you can never be entirely sure when you may need it again.


Please don’t hesitate to contact Forecourt Installation Services Ltd to find out more about our acclaimed spillage kits or what more what you can do to protect the environment in your organisation's particular areas of operation. 

Protection of both the direct and wider environment is crucial 

Although we have previously written about our highly rated range of environmental protection items here at Forecourt Installation Services, there’s so much more you can do as an individual, group or company to protect the environment.

It is important to think about the environment in two ways; the direct environment around you and the environment as a whole. Once you start doing that, you can start thinking about environmental protection in terms of both personal safety and the reduction of wider environmental damage.  

Whatever type of fuel you use, it is crucial to ensure members of staff, clients and visitors alike have some awareness of basic health and safety. You will want to make sure, for instance, that any health and safety signs applicable to visitors or the public can be easily read and understood, in addition to informing the workers at your plant or factory of your company’s latest health and safety procedures.


Similarly vital is knowing what to do if something goes wrong - for example, if spillage occurs. In terms of the direct environment, spillages or leaks could cause people to slip and injure themselves, or the fuel may give off toxic fumes. For the environment as a whole, it could lead to contamination – as is well-observed in the case of oil in the oceans.

As soon as you become aware of such a leak or spillage, you will have to establish what can be done to keep everyone in the direct environment safe and minimise damage to the environment as a whole. In the direct environment, someone should report the leak, make others aware of it and then deal with it in the appropriate manner – such as by using one of our spill kits. Done successfully, this should stop anybody from slipping or inhaling toxic fumes, all while preventing any contamination.

There are many more connections that can be made between fuel safety and environmental protection, but which we lack the space to explore in detail on here. With such a wide range of fuel types, equipment, industries and environments to take into account, it makes for an extremely large number of risks to cover in your health and safety and environmental protection plan.


If you are curious to find out more about environmental protection as it applies to your own use of fuel or are interested in any of our highly rated products and services here at Forecourt Installation Services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Which of our environmental protection options is right for you?

We hope you are well aware of how important environmental protection is, for obvious reasons, but we do understand that choosing the correct type of it for your needs can sometimes still be a tad confusing.


Forecourt Installation Services supplies an array of environmental protection methods, with an emphasis on spill kits. Read on to find out more about the products that we stock, and which ones are suitable for the fuel that you work with.


Spill kits


Spill kits are used to absorb oil and other fuels while repelling water.


We stock Spill kits in 200 litre, 100 litre and 40 litre varieties – the ‘litre’ measurement referring to the amount of liquid that the spill material in each kit can absorb.


Each kit comes with a certain quantity of ‘socks’ and pads, with the 200 litre kit boasting the most of each, and the 40 litre kit the least. You will also get a proportionate number of disposable bags and ties, along with an instruction manual.


All of our spill kits are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are handily stored in plastic bins, which allows you to keep them near a fuel island.


Whichever kit you choose, we guarantee that it’ll be the best value for money for its kind on the market.


Other environmental protection options


You can never have enough of it, after all...


Our drain protection cover, for instance, does what it says on the tin – it stops any fuel from seeping down drains, which could cause environmental damage from contamination. Each cover comes with a one year warranty and is suitable for use with diesel, oil and heating oil.


Also available are drum sump pallets and small container bunded trays. Each performs similarly in that they allow you to store drums while catching any liquid that may leak, thanks to a grid that keeps the drums off the bottom of the tray. Each pallet allows you to store two 205L drums at the most, while the trays can hold six 25L drums.


Both items comply with oil storage regulations, and both are suitable for use with AdBlue®, antifreeze, diesel, oil, petrol and water.


Whichever of our available environmental protection methods you choose, it’ll stop any fuel or liquid from going where you don’t wish it to, which is massively beneficial to both the environment and health and safety.


For more information on our environmental protection methods, please feel free to contact our friendly and professional team here at Forecourt Installation Services. 

Spill kits - why you should always have them at your disposal

There is nothing more important to our team here at Forecourt Installation Services than safety, which is why we provide all of the necessary equipment to help make sure that it is a top priority for you, too. It is certainly crucial that spillages, for instance, are cleaned up as best and as soon as possible, which is why we highly advocate the use of spill kits in such an event.


Make sure you are prepared for anything


If you have to work with fuels and lubrication fluids such as diesel and petrol, then it is always best to have precautions in place in case they spill. When dealing with fuels like these, cleaning them up isn't a straightforward task, which is why Forecourt Installation Services is on hand to equip you to safely and efficiently deal with even the most damaging spillages.


We know you will probably hope that a fuel spillage doesn't occur on your own watch, and we certainly don't want it to happen, either. However, sometimes accidents are unavoidable, which is why spill kits are the best tool to have at your disposal for such situations. There are different ones available for the various kinds of fuel that could be leaked, so you should find one that's suitable for you.


Offering the best kits on the market


The spill kits and similar products available from Forecourt Installation Services range from absorbent pads to actual bins that can be stored near where you work. Depending on how much you think you will need, we offer a few options for you to choose from. There's a 40 litre spill kit, as well as a 100 litre one and a 200 litre kit, with all of them including socks, pads, disposable bags and sheets with instructions and contents.


As well as these, you can turn to Forecourt Installation Services for a drain protection cover, two drum sump pallet and small container bunded trays. You can rest assured that all of these products have been thoroughly checked prior to sale, meaning that they comply with all relevant safety regulations.


Safety should be the main concern for everyone, but it is especially significant if you are working with fuels. That's why Forecourt Installation Services is here to help, so please get in touch if you wish to take advantage of our highly comprehensive and cost-effective fuel-related products and services. 

Why you should never hesitate when it comes to leak detection

Here at Forecourt Installation Services, we believe that you can never be too safe when working with fuel. This is why we offer a wide array of safety and testing services, including tank inspections (manned or unmanned), ATEX-approved camera inspections and fuel hygiene testing.


However, it is through these services that you will often discover that prevention really is better than cure. This is where leak detection systems come in. No organisation or system is ever going to be one hundred percent safe from failing or leaking, so a detection system is often the perfect way to spot a problem before it deteriorates.  


Won’t I be able to tell if there’s a problem soon enough anyway?


Maybe - but by then, extensive damage to your pipework and the rest of the system may have already occurred. This could also be the point at which damage to the environment has already occurred, with a high risk of further harm.


If fuel does leak, it automatically becomes a fire hazard, as well as offering the opportunity for people to slide, slip and injure themselves. Several fuels can also be dangerous and even deadly to inhale. With such risks as these, why would you want to wait any longer to invest in leak detection?


Why choose Forecourt Installation Services?

For starters, our leak detection services can be applied to an extremely broad range of industries and backgrounds, because everyone deserves to work in a safe environment.


We can carry out leak detection services nationwide and specialise in the retail, commercial, domestic and marine disciplines. We can work with pumps, tanks, gauges, pipework and fuel management systems, both above and below ground, including those using all manner of fuels.


Whatever work we carry out, the utmost health and safety is always our greatest priority. We are absolutely committed to maintaining a safe working environment and genuinely care about the wellbeing of our employees, clients and the environment.


For more information on leak detection systems or on any of the other services that we carry out, feel free to contact the Forecourt Installation Services team now. 

Brugg safety pipes - an important investment to make

​When it comes to working with fuel, there’s no such thing as being too safe. Brugg have been manufacturing safety pipes for many years now; their full range of safety piping is effective, cost-effective, and of course, safe.


Safety shouldn’t mean your time is compromised

Brugg have perfected the art of making and installing safety pipes. Both variations can be made in continuous lengths of over 1,000 metres; size and type of construction depending. This allows for very quick installations times, and importantly, it’ll save you money. Rather impressively, several kilometres of their piping can be installed in a matter of days, which means less site downtime for you, and less man power for whoever is installing it.


There are two main types of Brugg safety pipe available.



This nifty double-walled pipe system is flexible, resistant to corrosion, and is permeation proof. The primary pipe, made of stainless steels, is capable of being tested and monitored for leaks. As well as being able to safely contain the flow of any leaking product, SECON-X® is also set to handle the future generation of automotive fuels.



Another double-walled pipe, FLEXWELL®, is made up of a stainless steel inner pipe, and an outer containment pipe, also made of stainless steel. The gap between the two makes for a surveillance space for leak monitoring. Corrosion isn’t a problem with FLEXWELL®, either, with a PE outer casing which covers the entire pipe.


Brugg safety piping is just one of the several services we offer. Forecourt Installation Services LTD has been on the go for over three years now, and has quickly gained a reputation for being one of the most reliable companies in the industry today. We always make safety a priority for our workers, our clients, and the environment.


Our past clients come from various environments; domestic, marine, commercial, and retail being a few. We can work with fuel management systems, pipework, gauges, tanks, and pumps both above and below ground, for use with a wide range of fuels.


If you think your workplace could benefit from Brugg safety piping, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Leak detection - one of the most important aspects of safety

Forecourt Installation Services LTD offers you many different forms of safety testing, including fuel hygiene testing, ATEX approved camera inspections and manned or unmanned tank inspections.


Of course, prevention is often better than a solution when it comes to safety, but no individual, organisation or system can ever be entirely failsafe. Our pipework leak detection services are the answer if you feel that something is amiss in your own system.


Why is leak detection so important?


Regardless of what form of fuel you work with, and in whatever environment, leakages can be massively detrimental to anybody working in the area, the environment and the fuel equipment actually suffering from the leak.


If fuel does happen to leak, it can be a fire hazard and damaging to inhale, or people may even slip on the fuel. As well as this, most fuels - especially fossil fuels - can have all manner of negative impacts on the environment.


The Class 1 leak detection systems that we use here at Forecourt Installation Services have been installed in many European countries over the last few decades. Since these installations, the number of injuries caused by leaking systems has drastically decreased.


Why choose Forecourt Installation Services LTD to detect leaks?


All of our leak detection systems correspond with DIN EN13160 Class 1 and are approved by the DIBt. These are extremely high standards to have to live up to, but Forecourt Installation Services LTD’s systems do just that.


You can be assured that you are in safe hands with Forecourt Installation Services LTD. We were only established four years ago, but each of our workers is highly experienced and possesses all of the qualifications needed to carry out the work.


We offer all of our services nationwide. We work with pumps, tanks, gauges, pipework and fuel management systems for use with multiple forms of fuel and can do so in a retail, commercial, domestic or marine environment.


If you think that you may require our leak detection services - and it's always better to be safe rather than sorry - or another one of our services, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful team today.


What you need to know about our services in storage tank integrity testing

Forecourt Installation Services offer a wide range of testing services - storage tank integrity testing being just one of them. If a storage tank isn’t reliable or fails to work correctly, it can have devastating effects to the environment and any workers nearby.


Testing is an essential part of a responsible maintenance programme

A pipework failure or fuel storage tank failure can lead to a wide range of issues, including contamination, fuel storage tank corrosion and the breakdown of pipe sealants.

As well as these environmental issues, a failure of some sort also has the potential to place the safety of workers or the public at risk. Forecourt Installation Services has a genuine care for all of the clients that we work with, as well as all of their and our workers, so we obviously want to minimise this risk as much as we can.


We have an array of services that contribute towards storage tank integrity testing, including manned or unmanned tank  inspections, assessment of tank wall thickness and tank chamber vacuum testing.

You can count on Forecourt Installation Services

We have been in operation since 2012, and have quickly become one of the country’s leading installation and maintenance companies and fuel system specialists. All of our work is of the highest quality, and we are committed to giving our clients a professional and speedy service at all times.

Here at Forecourt Installation Services, we can apply our installation and maintenance services to commercial, domestic, marine and retail environments, nationwide. Our company can work with tanks, pumps, gauges, fuel management systems and pipe work that are used with such fuels as petroleum, bio fuels, kerosene and many more.


Whatever service you require, we have an unbeatable commitment to healthy and safety, with all of our engineers being trained to the highest standards including Confined Space Training, CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) training and UKPIA training.


Don't hesitate to get in touch with our professional and capable team here at Forecourt Installation Services for more information about the benefits that our services in storage tank integrity testing could bring for your organisation.


Fuel tank testing doesn’t have to be a pain with our help  

The health and safety of you, your employees and everybody else should always be your uppermost priority when you are working with fuel.

If fuel tanks or pipe systems fail to work correctly, it can have massively negative effects on health and safety and even the wider environment.  That’s why, here at Forecourt Installation Services, we offer such a broad range of fuel tank testing services.

Make testing a key part of your site maintenance programme

Failing to have suitable tank testing carried out on a regular basis can lead to a series of negative consequences, including corrosion due to the additives found in fuels, watercourse contamination as a result of failing pipework and the shortening of tank and pipework life.

There’s more to our testing services and expertise than you might think. As well as precision tank testing, we offer fuel line pressure testing, hydrogen leak detection testing, a non-destructive testing assessment on tank wall thickness and much, much more. Our tank inspections can be manned or unmanned, and we can also perform ATEX approved camera inspections on fuel lines.

Whatever testing service you require, you will receive a full, detailed report and a test certification when all work is completed.

Count on us to cater to all of your testing needs

With more than three years' experience in the industry, we have quickly established ourselves as one of the UK’s leading fuel system specialists.  We aim to provide a speedy yet professional service at all times, while maintaining our high quality of work.

Our installation and maintenance services can be applied to retail, commercial, domestic and marine environments. We cover pumps, tanks, gauges, fuel management systems and pipework for use with a range of fuels including petroleum, bio fuels, and kerosene, both above and below ground.

We genuinely care about our clients' health and safety, as we do that of our own employees and everybody on our sites. It is because of this that we have comprehensive health and safety procedures in place. For your utmost peace of mind, all of our engineers are trained to the highest standards with certifications including CSCS, UKPIA & Confined Space Training as a minimum.

Feel free to contact our team for more information on our highly rated testing services.

Fuel line testing is nothing less than vital for your business 

If you are in charge of a tank system, it means that you are responsible for the health and safety of everyone around that system, the cleanliness of the environment in which you are working, and ultimately, the amount of money that the system is going to cost you in the long run.

You will therefore naturally want to keep everyone out of harm’s way, ensure that no contaminating liquids escape from the system and make certain that your tanks and fuel lines are running as efficiently as possible. That can be accomplished in part by making sure that you always use equipment properly, but even the most vigilant of use can’t compare to the fuel line testing conducted by an experienced set of trained professionals.

Here at Forecourt Installation Services, that’s exactly what we provide. We aren’t just here to install tanks and fuel lines – we are able to make sure that every part of your set-up remains in peak condition.

Our engineers are trained to the highest possible standard and possess such certifications as CSCS, UKPIA and Confined Space Training as a minimum.

Fuel line testing should be seen as part of your business's ongoing site maintenance programme. Even the best-built fuel lines can be corroded or broken down due to the use of certain additives, but environmental factors and general wear and tear can also play a part, making the life expectancy of a fuel line system hard to predict.

It is easy to picture these problems manifesting themselves as a large leak, something that definitely causes significant issues, but it is well worth remembering that pressure problems or minor leaks can also still present difficulties. Unfortunately, the problem might be subtle enough to avoid detection. The only way to know for sure if everything is okay is by conducting proper fuel line testing.

It is up to you to make sure that your fuel lines are completely up to scratch, and it will be your responsibility if anything ever goes wrong. To make sure that you stay protected with fuel systems running at 100%, contact one of the team at Forecourt Installation Services today for more information about our extensive fuel line testing services.


The right fuel line testing has never been more important 

Working with fuel comes with many health and safety hazards - and if you take anything like the diligent approach that we do here at Forecourt Installation Services Ltd, you will be doing everything in your power to keep your standards of health and safety as high as possible.

One of the many services that we offer that could benefit you greatly in this regard is fuel line testing.

Why fuel line testing?

Proper maintenance of fuel lines is essential.

If tanks and pipe works fail to work correctly, it can have devastating effects on a business and its workers. As well as health and safety risks, the environment could be adversely impacted. Additives that can be found in fuel can corrode fuel storage tanks and pipe sealants, which could then lead to contamination.

We can offer a range of services to test the performance of fuel lines. These include line pressure testing and the detection of any hydrogen leaks, as well as ATEX-approved camera inspection if need be.

We can test a wide range of equipment in all manner of environments, including tanks, gauges, pipe work and pumps requiring bio fuel, petroleum, oil or kerosene.

Even if your equipment is performing well, regular fuel line testing is simply good practice and could assist you in fulfilling your legal and moral responsibilities towards your employees and the wider environment. With even a slight fault being potentially disastrous, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Why choose Forecourt Installation Services?

If you are in doubt as to whether our services will be of benefit to you, contact us; you may be surprised at what we can offer.

With over three years' experience, Forecourt Installation Services has quickly become the UK’s leading fuel system specialists. We aim to maintain the highest quality of work, while providing a quick and professional service.

Health and safety is one of our very biggest priorities; that of our workers, our clients and the environment. All of our engineers are trained to the highest standards, and have all exceeded the minimum qualifications required.

We cover the entirety of the UK, and we have past clients from all sectors including retail, commercial, domestic and marine.

Feel free to contact Forecourt Installation Services today about specialist expertise that goes well beyond fuel line testing.


Tank installation and testing services come no better than ours

Safeguarding the integrity of your organisation's oil tanks and protecting the environment into the bargain are matters of utmost importance - our team here at Forecourt Installation Services recognises that as readily as any other.


That's why we offer such an extensive range of services dedicated to the installation, testing and assessment of oil storage equipment.


What do we offer?

Some of our many services are those related to OFTEC oil and storage tanks - indeed, we offer a full package of installation, modification, decommissioning and maintenance.


Although the oil storage tank installations that we carry out can be very wide-ranging, on every occasion, they must be assessed to certain consistent standards, related to the risk of the spread of fire to the contained fuel, as well as the risk of spillage.


Two standards apply to our tank installations: British Standard BS5410 Part 1 for domestic areas with a fuel capacity of no greater than 3,500 litres, and for non-domestic areas, British Standard BS5410 Part 2.


Our greatest priorities when inspecting oil storage tanks include the protection of property and the environment. When assessing domestic and non-domestic fuel storage facilities, we undertake a risk assessment, mainly centred around the environmental and fire risks.


Our services are available nationwide, with all of our work being carried out by engineers who are trained to the highest of standards.


You can count on us!

 With more than three years' experience and a reputation as one of the UK's leading fuel system specialists under our belts, it's fair to say that you can depend on us for an extremely wide range of tank testing and installation services.


We aim to maintain the highest quality of work, while delivering a professional and speedy service at all times. We are also very passionate about health and safety, which derives from a genuine care for our engineers, customers and anyone who makes use of our fuel storage solutions.


Contact our professional team today to book a tank inspection, enquire about tank testing or get in touch with us about all manner of other services relating to the storage and management of fuel.




Never underestimate the importance of storage tank integrity testing

As the individual responsible for one or several fuel storage tanks, do you really want to be the one facing the consequences when tank corrosion causes a leak that results in great damage to the environment? With storage tanks more subject than ever before to stringent rules and regulations, there has also never been a more important time to invest in the most comprehensive and fastidious storage tank integrity testing, undertaken by a reputable company.


More and more of those in charge of fuel storage tanks are coming to realise that this company is Forecourt Installation Services. We don't merely have a good reputation as an installation and maintenance company - we also have genuinely in-depth expertise in how to carry out the most effective diagnostic tests of fuel storage tanks, vapour recovery systems, pipework systems and tank chambers.


Above all else, we know the huge importance of the right storage tank integrity testing as part of a wider site maintenance programme. That's why we offer such wide-ranging testing and tank services, encompassing precision tank testing, fuel line pressure testing, tank chamber vacuum testing, Stage 1B vapour recovery testing, hydrogen leak detection testing, manned or unmanned tank inspections, fuel line ATEX approved camera inspections and non-destructive testing (NDT) assessment on tank wall thickness.


Whenever you have your storage tank integrity testing undertaken by us, you will also be handed a full detailed report and test certification once the work is complete. Such services are all made possible by our supremely well-qualified engineers who have completed OFT-10-600A for Oil Storage and Supply, while our status as an OFTEC registered business should give you further reassurance.


Time and time again, those requiring the most complete storage tank integrity testing turn to Forecourt Installation Services. We may have only been established in 2012, but we have already gained a strong reputation for all manner of installation and maintenance, with clients rating us highly for the professionalism, quality and efficiency of our work.


Don't trust any other company when you require not just storage tank integrity testing, but also any other services relating to the installation and maintenance of your fuel systems. Whether your requirements are for fuel management systems, pipework, pumps, gauges or tanks, above or below ground, our friendly, professional and capable team is always available at the other end of the phone.  

The fuel line testing services that you have been looking for

Forecourt Installation Services is a leading fuel tank testing service provider that can help you to comply with all relevant regulations and better ensure that you keep yourself, your team and others as safe as possible.


Tank and pipework testing are essential parts of any site maintenance programme. If tanks and pipework fail, the results can be catastrophic. Failures can lead to contamination and various wider environmental problems. Additives from fuels can hasten storage tank corrosion and break down pipe sealants, resulting in shortened pipework and reduced fuel storage tank life expectancy. We are here to help if you require fuel line testing from one of the market's most trusted companies.


We test pipework systems, vapour recovery systems, tank chambers and fuel tanks, offering multiple valuable services like hydrogen leak detection, fuel line pressure and precision tank testing. Talk to us today if you require manned/unmanned tank inspection, fuel line ATEX-approved camera inspection and non-destructive tank wall thickness testing.


Our well-qualified and experienced team never cuts corners with regard to safety or quality, and we can count a host of high-profile domestic, commercial and marine customers among our client base. We are passionate about making work environments as safe as possible, removing all of the hazards that we can.


The fully-trained engineers at Forecourt Installation Services follow the strictest health and safety procedures and always go the extra mile to deliver the excellence that our clients demand, with more and more customers choosing us over the competition as a result of our rapidly rising industry reputation. We can test a whole host of tanks, gauges, pipework items and pumps requiring bio fuel, petroleum, oil and kerosene.


Even if you think your fuel storage tanks and pipework are fully reliable, skipping on an appropriate site maintenance programme could be a significant risk. Once a plan is implemented, you will be able to minimise the probability of your fuel line failing and consequently contaminating the watercourse and putting individuals at risk.

Why not call us today for further information about our catalogue of tank and pipework testing services? In the meantime, you can keep up with all of the latest developments here at Forecourt Installation Services by following us on all the major social media networks.



First-class tank testing services

Here at Forecourt Installation Services, we specialise in top-class fuel tank testing services. We can help you to comply with the regulations and make your working environment as safe as possible. It's vital not to underestimate the importance of tank testing services. Forecourt Installation Services was set up to help companies stay within the law, meet regulations and maintain the highest standards of safety.


Pipework and tank failures can lead to worrying environmental issues like contamination, while additives in fuels can speed up tank corrosion, breaking down pipe sealants in the process. We can enhance fuel storage tank life expectancy and help you to avoid having to replace your pipework earlier than intended. We are waiting to hear from you if you require fuel tank testing services from a leading company with an excellent track record.


We can also test vapour recovery systems, tank chambers and pipework systems. Why not contact us today to talk about such services offered by Forecourt Installation Services as hydrogen leak detection testing, tank chamber testing, fuel line pressure testing and precision tank testing? Our vast range of services also consists of manned and unmanned tank inspection, fuel line ATEX approved camera inspection and non-destructive tank wall thickness testing. We have decades of experience to draw upon and are always updating our in-depth knowledge with the latest industry developments.


Here at Forecourt Installation Services, we can count a host of marine industry, domestic and commercial customers among our clients. We can test any pump, pipe, tank or gauge associated with kerosene, bio fuel, petroleum and oil. When it comes to the environment, our passion knows no bounds. All of our engineers are fully-trained, qualified and wholly compliant with the strictest health and safety procedures.


It is essential that you put in place an appropriate site maintenance programme if fuel storage tanks are being kept on your premises. Pipework and tank testing are essential parts of any site maintenance programme. We can assist you in avoiding any contamination of the watercourse and keeping your team and others safe. Expert professionals are waiting to discuss your needs with you, so why not find out more about our fuel tank testing services by getting in touch today?



​Stay 'Tank Safe' and protect your fuel storage

This year, the 'Tank Safe' campaign was launched by OFTEC, urging households that use oil for heating their home to check their oil tanks. This follows research that one in three tanks have passed their maximum life expectancy and are susceptible to leaks.

It is recommended that oil tanks are checked once a year to make sure they are assessed for any ricks and here at Forecourt Installation Services, we're committed to providing the highest standard of OFTEC tank inspections for domestic and non-domestic applications across the UK.

Although oil is intrinsically a safe fuel, there are both environmental and fire related risks associated with the use of oil tanks. Our highly capable and experienced staff are able to provide the appropriate assessments, installation and maintenance of your tank to provide you with the peace of mind that you require when using an oil tank.

All of our engineers have been trained to OFTEC 10-600A standards, and therefore know how to approach each installation with precision and expertise. We know that each project is different and we keep this in mind when assessing the possible effect of oil spillage and the consequent risk of fire spreading.

Oil tank fires are incredibly dangerous, regardless of the capacity of your tank. If stored correctly, oil is a very safe and efficient form of fuel to use when heating a property, however the risks that unprotected or damaged tanks pose are extremely high.

The recent campaign to increase awareness of having oil tanks regularly serviced follows news stories about oil tank fires like that which occurred in Dunmurry on the outskirts of Belfast in June, tearing through several houses and leaving three families homeless.

The extensive effect of this, and other highly-publicised oil tank fires has led to the nationwide campaign to educate people on the importance of proper fuel storage. To minimise the risks, you should ensure that an OFTEC registered engineer checks tanks and fittings at least once a year for any leaks, defects or damage.

To find out more about how Forecourt Installation Services can assess your own oil tank, contact a member of the team today.

Arrange OFTEC tank inspections from the industry leaders 

Are you in need of OFTEC tank inspections from a true industry leader, a reputable firm that you can trust? If so, get in touch with Forecourt Installation Services.


We are OFTEC registered, offering UK-wide services for storage tank assessments, installations and maintenance. We specialise in assessing the risks attached to domestic and non-domestic fuel storage facilities to heighten safety. Our team can scrutinise your tanks on the risk of spillage and of fire to contaminated fuels, with all work being carried out by fully qualified engineers.


It's vital that you do not underestimate the importance of tank testing. If tanks aren't assessed on a regular basis, the consequences can be dire. We can ensure that your tanks are performing efficiently while helping you to adhere to regulations. The services that we offer keep pipework and tank failures to a minimum and prevent contamination from occurring. We can even test for additives. This slows down tank corrosion and prevents pipe sealants from breaking down, allowing you to significantly extend your tank's working lifespan. 


We can count a wide range of sectors among our customer base. Examples of what we can test include vapour recovery systems, pipework, fuel line pressure and tank chambers. We can also offer hydrogen leak detection testing, non-destructive tank wall thickness testing and ATEX-approved camera inspection for fuel lines. Whether your tank is manned or unmanned, we can assist you. Forecourt Installation Services raises the standard of what constitutes acceptable tank testing, helping you to stay on the right side of the law.


Our team can provide testing services for any tank, pump, pipe or gauge using oil, kerosene, petroleum or bio fuel. We always adhere fully to Health and Safety legislation, and would like to hear from you today if you require assistance in designing a site maintenance programme. When it comes to helping our customers to avoid contamination of the watercourse or causing hazards, we go the extra mile to get the best results.


Quite simply, pipework and tank testing are vital parts of any maintenance programme. Talk to us today if you need OFTEC approved tank testing services that are simply the best that the industry can offer.


Choose Forecourt Installation Services: ​the UK's leading tank testing service

There's no company that goes quite as far to deliver the highest standard of fuel tank testing as Forecourt Installation Services. One should never underestimate the importance of tank testing. Regular tank testing ensures that tanks can perform as effectively as we need them to and helps companies adhere to regulations.


Tank testing keeps tank and pipework failures to a minimum and diminishes the chances of contamination taking place. We can test for additives, helping you to slow down tank corrosion and stop pipe sealants breaking down, prolonging the lifespan of your tank. We are waiting to hear from you if you suspect that it's time for your fuel tank to be tested for efficiency and safety.


We are able to test tank chambers, fuel line pressure, pipework and vapour recovery systems. Other services that we offer include hydrogen leak detection testing, as well as fuel line ATEX approved camera inspection and non-destructive tank wall thickness testing. Both manned and unmanned tanks can be tested, as part of a broad range of highly valued services.


No corners are ever cut by our team when it comes to efficiency and safety. A number of clients from the marine industry enjoy long-lasting relationships with Forecourt Installation Services. We can test virtually any tanks, gauges, pipework or pumps that use bio fuel, petroleum, oil or kerosene. All of our engineers are fully-qualified and health and safety legislation is followed to the letter.


Talk to us today if you require advice on designing an appropriate site maintenance programme. Pipework and tank testing are vital parts of any such programme and help you to avoid contaminating the watercourse and being responsible for hazards.


There are so many more aspects of our company and service here at Forecourt Installation Services that should reassure you if you are seeking the complete tank testing or related services, from our OFTEC registered status to the approval of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS).


Feel free to call or email Forecourt Installation Services today to find out more about the valuable work we do. We can also be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. If you require top-class fuel tank and fuel line testing services, look no further than Forecourt Installation Services.



What does it mean to be registered with OFTEC?

​Our certification to carry out OFTEC tank inspections allows us to ensure that the tanks we provide for our customers remain in safe condition throughout their life. It means that we employ technicians with the skills and experience necessary to self-certify their own work – protecting you from the possibility of spillage or other accidents.


However, it also stands as a testament to our position within the industry. OFTEC is a body recognised by governments, manufacturers, consumers, and distributors due to its high standards of excellence. Being able to register with them is not an easy process – both the business and each technician working for it must meet an exhaustive set of criteria in order to guarantee that they are respected and competent.


Forecourt Installation Services – like other similar businesses – was required to register as a company before our technicians were even allowed to be assessed. To meet requirements, we had to – among numerous other stipulations -  work under an appropriate Health and Safety policy, keep a thorough record of our test equipment, and provide evidence of suitable public liability insurance. Even after a successful registration, each new business is given an audit by an experienced OFTEC inspector in order to ascertain whether procedures and competencies still meet the oil industry codes of practice.


After Forecourt itself was registered, each of our technicians needed to be assessed with one of two types of test – a theory assessment or a combined theory and practical assessment. These are rigorously designed to ensure that technicians possess up to date skills, a familiarity with current technology and the correct techniques for handling and inspecting it, and an ability to flawlessly follow industry regulations. All work is overseen by an OFTEC approved assessor, and successful technicians will also be subject to at least one inspection during their five-year registration period, losing their status if work is regarded as even slightly substandard.

These strict measures are there to assure customers that they can place their trust in technicians and businesses which are registered with OFTEC. As a company which is committed to providing faultlessly reliable OFTEC tank inspections and installation services, we’re proud to have met them. 

The highest standard of fuel line testing

​Talk to Forecourt Installation Services today if you require fuel tank testing from a leading company in its field. It is essential that tank and pipework testing takes place regularly if safety is to be maintained and regulations are to be met. Tank and pipework failures can result in significant environmental issues due to contamination, with additives found in fuels speeding up storage tank corrosion and breaking down pipe sealants. The results of this can be shortened pipework and fuel storage tank life expectancy. Why not contact us if you need to discuss fuel line testing today?


Here at Forecourt Installation Services, we can test fuel tanks, pipework systems, vapour recovery systems and tank chambers. We offer a vast range of services including precision tank, fuel line pressure, tank chamber and hydrogen leak detection testing. You can even turn to us for non-destructive tank wall thickness testing, fuel line ATEX approved camera inspection and manned/unmanned tank inspection.


Our company has a strong track record of providing its broad customer base with an unrivalled service and never makes compromises when it comes to quality or safety. Our clients include various well-known marine, domestic and commercial customers. We test pumps, pipework, tanks and gauges that require oil, kerosene, bio fuel and petroleum. Our dedication to the environment knows no bounds, and we go the extra mile to make work environments as safe and as hazard-free as possible. All of our engineers are also fully-trained and we follow the most stringent health and safety procedures.


No matter how dependable your fuel storage tanks and pipework are, you could be taking big risks by not putting an appropriate site maintenance programme in place. Pipework and tank testing is a pivotal part of any site maintenance programme. Once a plan is in place, you can avoid contaminating the watercourse and putting others at risk.


Why not call our friendly and professional team today to learn more about our fuel tank and fuel line testing services? You can follow us on a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and can even email us for more in-depth advice. It’s no wonder that so many well-known clients are choosing Forecourt Installation Services for fuel tank testing.


We offer safer, more efficient tank testing​

We're waiting to hear from you right now if you need to find precision fuel storage tank and pipe system testing services. We are able to test not only fuel tanks and pipework systems, but also vapour recovery systems and tank chambers. The importance of fuel storage tanks and associated pipework testing should not be underestimated. Why not talk to us to discuss our tank testing services today?


Testing needs to be part of any responsible site maintenance programme. If tanks or pipework fail, severe environmental issues can come to the fore due to watercourse contamination. Corrosion can be sped up by the additives found in fuels, which also break down some pipe sealants, shortening the lives of tanks and pipework.


Talk to our expert team today if you need to arrange precision tank, fuel line pressure, stage 1 B vapour recovery, tank chamber or hydrogen leak detection testing. We are also able to offer non-destructive testing of tank wall thickness, manned and unmanned tank inspection and fuel line ATEX approved camera inspections. All testing is supported by full detailed reports and test certification.


We have been in the business since 2012, with our reputation going from strength-to-strength. We are the UK's leading fuel system specialists and offer a swift service without ever cutting corners or making compromises on integrity. We install and maintain fuel systems for a wealth of retail, commercial, domestic and marine customers, working with pumps, tanks, gauges, pipework and fuel management systems that use petroleum, bio fuels, kerosene and oil.


We take our commitment to the environment very seriously and are passionate about maintaining safe working environments, going the extra mile to ensure that our employees and everyone else we work with come to no harm. All of our engineers are trained to the highest standards and we have comprehensive health and safety procedures in place.


You can follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter to avoid missing out on the latest news. We also welcome email or phone contact, should you wish to discuss any specific aspects of our tank testing services. With a range of high-profile clients on our books, we can be relied upon to deliver a superior service. 

Fuel line testing from a leading maintenance company

Your fuel storage tanks and pipe systems serve a vitally important purpose, so it should go without saying that you do not skimp on the necessary maintenance. Few installation and maintenance specialists enjoy the high regard in their industry that Forecourt Installation Services LTD does, with much of this reputation being founded on our extremely thorough fuel line testing and related services.


We can undertake diagnostic testing of not just fuel storage tanks, but also pipework systems, vapour recovery systems and tank chambers. The fact remains that even the best-designed and manufactured of these systems can fail, with the associated grave consequences in terms of possible fuel contamination and leakage. This should make fuel line testing an unquestioned part of your organisation's site maintenance programme.


Any fuel that is lost from a failed fuel storage tank or pipeline can contaminate the watercourse, which can in turn impact adversely on the wider environment. Far from the need for fuel line testing having lessened in recent years, it has actually gained in importance. The use of fuel additives, for instance, has actually been shown to increase the rate of corrosion in fuel tanks and the breakdown of certain pipe sealants.


Factors like the above have made for uncertainty as to the lifespan of any given fuel storage tank or pipework - which has only heightened the importance of not taking a risk when you come to request fuel line testing or related services. With a complete range of testing and tank services encompassing the likes of precision tank testing, fuel line pressure testing, tank chamber vacuum testing, stage 1 B vapour recovery testing and more, Forecourt Installation Services covers more bases than any rival.


Indeed, you can also request our expertise in such areas as hydrogen leak detection testing, manned or unmanned tank inspections, fuel line ATEX approved camera inspections and/or non-destructive testing ('NDT') assessment on tank wall thickness. Whichever of these testing services you take advantage of, once the work is completed, we will issue you with a full detailed report and test certification.


There can surely be no more complete provider of fuel line testing today - and there are certainly none that have Forecourt Installation Services' industry-leading reputation and credentials. 


For the widest range of OFTEC tank services, come to us.

Any oil storage tank - whether domestic or non-domestic - is subject to certain moral, legal and environmental obligations. If you require a reliable contractor that is able to not merely install the right oil tank but also carry out the associated assessments and maintenance, you cannot choose a better company than Forecourt Installation Services.


This is in large part thanks to our firm's registration with OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association). With our oil storage and supply engineers having been fully trained to OFTEC 10-600A, you can depend on us for the complete range of OFTEC tank services, encompassing installation, modification, decommissioning and maintenance. We offer our services across the United Kingdom, inspecting oil storage tanks to assess any associated environmental or fire risks on your premises.


OFTEC tank services are available from Forecourt Installation Services in relation to domestic as well as non-domestic fuel storage facilities. They can be requested if you are yet to have your tank installed, or if there is already a storage system in place and you would like to determine any risks that you may not have spotted as part of normal operations.


Every installation is different, and can therefore be subject to different requirements. Your tank may be a domestic one with a capacity of up to 3,500 litres, in which case, British Standard BS5410 part 1 applies. A non-domestic oil tank installation, meanwhile, comes under British Standard BS5410 part 2. The features that your own oil tank comprises will need to be assessed for the potential spillage and fire spread risks.


Not only have all of our engineers completed OFTEC 10-600A for Oil Storage and Supply, but all of our projects also comply with OFTEC Technical Book 3. This publication provides guidance on the installation requirements that apply to domestic and commercial oil storage and supply systems for liquid fuels to BS 2869 (Class C2 Kerosene and Class D Gas Oil), bio liquids to EN 14214 and bio liquid/mineral fuel blends to OPS 24, serving fixed combustion appliances. 


Forecourt Installation Services ticks all of the boxes for OFTEC tank services, for reasons beyond our OFTEC registered status. Contact us now about the oil tank installation, maintenance and inspection services that can serve your household or organisation for long into the future. 

How robust is your fuel storage tank and pipework?

Naturally, when you first invest in a fuel storage tank, you will expect it to have been designed and manufactured to certain impeccable standards, as we are careful to ensure are fulfilled by our own installation service here at Forecourt Installation Services LTD. However, that doesn't mean that you should skimp on storage tank integrity testing of the type that we can also provide.


Those in need of fuel storage and similar solutions turn to us for many reasons, not least our compliance with all of the relevant site-specific regulations and guidelines. These include, in the case of our commercial oil storage and refuelling facilities, the Pollution Prevention Guidelines Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks (PPG2), while for domestic oil storage, we refer to the OFTEC Domestic & Commercial Requirements For Oil Storage & Supply Equipment (Technical Book 3).


However, even the most dependable fuel storage tank and the associated pipework cannot simply be left to operate without an appropriate site maintenance programme, and crucial to that programme will always be pipework and storage tank integrity testing. This is not least due to the grave environmental issues that can arise from any loss of fuel from a storage system, due to the contamination of the watercourse that can occur.


Any responsible organisation will be aware of the potential for tank corrosion to be accelerated by the use of additives in fuels. These can also pose a danger to certain pipe sealants, meaning that there can be no certainty as to the lifespan of any given storage tank or pipework. That is why we take storage tank integrity testing and the related testing services so seriously here at Forecourt Installation Services.


Our current tank and testing services range from precision tank testing, fuel line pressure testing and Stage 1B vapour recovery testing to tank chamber vacuum testing, hydrogen leak detection testing and non-destructive testing ('NDT') assessment on tank wall thickness. We also have many customers for our manned or unmanned tank inspections and fuel line ATEX approved camera inspections.


Request any one of our acclaimed testing services here at Forecourt Installation Services, and once the work has been completed, you will also receive a full detailed report and test certification. For the diagnostic testing of fuel storage tanks, pipework systems, vapour recovery systems and tank chambers, there can only really be one choice of company: Forecourt Installation Services.



Ask us today about our OFTEC tank inspections

We are proud to have established the reputation that we now enjoy as a installation and maintenance company in just a few years since our formation in 2012. However, here at Forecourt Installation Services LTD, it isn't enough for us to merely offer the best and most comprehensive services relating to domestic and commercial bunded heating oil storage tank and pipework installations. 


A firm demonstration of this commitment to go much further in catering for our customers is our already-renowned OFTEC tank inspections service. OFTEC itself is a trade association working to promote the highest professional standards in the UK oil heating and cooking industry, with our own dedication to meeting those standards demonstrated by our OFTEC registered company status.


The fact that all of our engineers are also trained to OFTEC 10-600A for oil tank installations leaves us well-placed to carry out tank inspections that you can absolutely believe in. We offer services nationwide relating to domestic and non-domestic oil storage tanks, encompassing risk assessments, installation and maintenance.


While oil is an intrinsically safe fuel, it is also crucial to take every possible course of action to safeguard both your property and the wider environment. Our OFTEC tank inspections allow us to do exactly this, with all possible environmental and fire risks that may apply to your domestic or non-domestic fuel storage facilities being carefully assessed.


People request our OFTEC tank inspections both before carrying out any new installation work, and as part of the risk assessment process for existing installations. Every oil tank installation is different with regard to the risk of spillage, as well as the risk of any fire spreading to the contained fuel. Indeed, different British Standards apply to domestic and non-domestic sites as far as oil tank installations are concerned.


However, we aren't just experts in OFTEC tank inspections. Indeed, the high level of OFTEC training from which our experienced and capable engineers benefit allows them to offer the complete package in-house for anyone who owns and uses an oil tank or is looking to do so. Installation, modification, decommissioning and maintenance services are all available from us.


Such a broad range of expertise gives you even less reason to look anywhere other than Forecourt Installation Services when you require OFTEC tank inspections or all manner of related oil tank services. 

Specify sub pumps of the highest standard from us

Submersible pumps, otherwise popularly known as 'sub pumps', should not be underestimated with regard to the vast functionality that they offer. These devices incorporate a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body, the entire assembly being submerged in the fluid for pumping. Sub pumps differ from jet pumps - and indeed, are more efficient - in that they push fluids to the surface, rather than being forced to pull them.


Certainly, there can be no more reputable or better value provider of sub pumps than Forecourt Installation Services. That is partly on account of our strong reputation in a vast range of installation, maintenance and servicing solutions, and sure enough, you also benefit from the complete package when you choose us for sub pumps.


Sub pumps have always been renowned for their vast range of potential applications, with our own submersible pump systems able to be used with petrol, diesel, kerosene and AdBlue, as well as up to E85. Our acclaim as a sub pump provider has been further strengthened by our extensive experience with the PLLD, MLLD leak detection systems of the market leaders FE Petro and Gilbarco Veedor Root.


The last few years have seen heightened demand for variable speed submersible pumping systems, with their operation by smart controller that enables the lowering of energy costs outside peak hours, as well as increased flow in peak hours. Again, we can supply, install and maintain such sub pumps to your desired specifications.


A submersible pump is often chosen over the alternatives thanks to its prevention of pump cavitation, which can occur when there is a considerable difference in elevation between the pump and the fluid surface. This pump type has existed since the 1920s, and is now depended upon for applications ranging from drainage and sewage pumping to industrial water extraction and in oil wells.


If you are contemplating the installation of a submersible pump, the reasons to get in touch with Forecourt Installation Services are many. We possess all of the crucial accreditations - including Safe Contractor accreditation, OFTEC registration and membership of the APEA Association of Petroleum and Explosive Atmospheres.


But even more importantly than those, we have simply built a reputation for the most efficient, professional and high quality service. For the installation, maintenance and servicing of the finest and most competitively-priced sub pumps, there is just no better company. ​

The best fuel management systems will always be crucial

Fuel management systems may take various different forms, but one thing that cannot be denied is their considerable importance for the maintenance, control and monitoring of fuel consumption and stock. Here at Forecourt Installation Services, we serve the complete range of organisations that use fuel for transport, whether by road, rail, water or air.


We offer fuel management systems that are built around the most demanding requirements of the construction and transportation sectors, drawing upon various technologies for the tracking and monitoring of fuel inventory. As one of the most renowned providers of such systems, we go to great lengths to provide our construction and transport industry clients with the most effective solution for measuring and managing fuel use.


The web-based nature of our systems brings a particular advantage, in that the information from them can be accessed on a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week basis, from any location. It also means that when required, administrators are able to set up fuel usage reports to key personnel. The alarm of such a system can also be activated in the event of low stock or sudden stock loss, with data about this being automatically sent via email.


Even a selection of outdoor payment terminals is available from our skilled, well-trained and professional engineers here at Forecourt Installation Services - the Pay at Pump option enabling the unmanned operation of your fuel installation. Bank cards and credit cards are able to be accepted by the fuel dispenser in accordance with your specific requirements.


That Forecourt Installation Services can cater for such an impressive range of needs from a fuel management system should not be a surprise to anyone already familiar with our strong reputation for retail, submersible and commercial fuel pumps, which we supply, install and maintain for such fuels as petrol, diesel, heating oil, AdBlue, bio fuels and oil.


Our reputability in fuel management systems and related equipment is only further enhanced by such accreditations as our membership of the APEA Association of Petroleum and Explosive Atmospheres, our registration with OFTEC and our achievement in 2013 and 2014 of Safe Contractor Accreditation.

Simply get in touch with our highly professional team today for a more in-depth discussion of our knowhow in fuel management systems, as well as to receive a competitive no-obligation quote for your own installation. 

Don't underestimate the need for the right fuel hygiene solutions


Of all of the issues that have confronted those using fuel tanks and pumps in recent years, fuel hygiene is surely one of the biggest of all. Biodiesel being introduced within standard diesel fuel has only increased the need for clients of companies like Forecourt Installation Services to take every measure possible to avoid fuel contamination.


If this does happen within storage tanks, filter blockages and pump failures are among the potential consequences that can leave the user with a hefty repair bill. If you use your storage tank on a merely occasional basis, there is a particular risk of microbes and bugs occurring within it. This leads many users of such tanks to contemplate investment in a fixed fuel conditioning system.


We are leading providers of such systems here at Forecourt Installation Services. Although mobile fuel polishing is one option, we would normally recommend instead that you have a fixed fuel conditioning unit installed. You can purchase one of our conditioning kits for a tank with a capacity of as much as 65,000 litres, and they work by moving the fuel content around one and a half times in a 28 day period, in accordance with an automatically pre-set timer.


In the event of the flow pressure declining below a set limit, the flow switch will automatically close and an alarm will sound to draw attention to the need for a filter to be changed. By having this feature linked to a remote warning device, you can be informed of the requirement to take action, wherever you happen to be at the time.


A key feature of our fixed fuel conditioning units is a Pure fuel pre-filter that, by breaking down the CFUs, enables them to pass through the filter, followed by the engine consuming them in combustion. Our range of filter options is another good reason to purchase your next fuel hygiene solution from Forecourt Installation Services. Such options range from 10 micron to 30 micron, and include options for gravity feed as well as for ultra high speed applications.


You can even talk to Forecourt Installation Services about a fuel testing service that entails samples being sent off for analysis and the completion of a report, usually within 48 hours. Or why not ask us to provide onsite test kits? You have many options when you need to ensure the highest standards of fuel hygiene with Forecourt Installation Services' help.


Make us your choice of fuel delivery specialists

Are you seeking an established, reputable company with the complete range of fuel delivery expertise? Perhaps you require the services of a firm with a strong track record in the installation and maintenance of fuel systems? If that organisation also boasts such accreditations as membership of the APEA Association of Petroleum and Explosive Atmospheres and registration with OFTEC, your decision is likely to be even easier.


Forecourt Installation Services ticks all of those boxes, and quite a few more besides. We certainly possess both the breadth and depth of knowhow and experience that one would expect of leading fuel delivery specialists, encompassing above and below ground diesel and petrol storage solutions, fuel pumps, submersible pumps, fuel management systems and gauges, to name just a few areas.


One might consider, for example, our capabilities with regard to large marine projects. We are constantly approached by prospective customers requiring the top-to-bottom management of the installation of a marine fuel system. From the initial design and supply to the installation and maintenance of the final system, we can bring our considerable professional experience to bear on overseeing a project that is built around your own specific requirements.


However, our fuel delivery specialists are also skilled in a broader range of storage, installation and maintenance services. Operating across the United Kingdom, we can supply any of the complete range of above and below ground domestic or commercial fuel storage tanks, for diesel, petrol, AdBlue, oil, water, chemicals, anti-freeze or heating oil. Alongside this, we can provide those all-important accessories such as high accuracy tank gauges, commercial fuel pumps, fill cabinets, bund alarms and valves.


Do you need to have a commercial or submersible fuel pump installed? Again, we have fuel delivery specialists on hand who can carry out the job with the utmost confidence and expertise. We even provide the complete range of services as far as the installation, maintenance and servicing of pumping systems is concerned, our team possessing particular experience with the market leaders Gilbarco Veedor Root and FE Petro.


Whatever your desired product, service or application, Forecourt Installation Services' fuel delivery specialists can cater for even your most specialised requirements. Contact us today for a no obligation discussion, site visit and installation quotation.   

Trust Forecourt Installation Services with the installation of your diesel tank

Forecourt Installation Services is an OFTEC registered company that has achieved Safe Contractor Accreditation and is a member of the Association of Petroleum and Explosive Atmospheres (APEA). As befitting this recognition, every single one of our engineers possesses at least a CSCS Safety Pass and UKPIA Safety Pass and Confined Space Training.


As such, we are one of the most dependable providers of fuel system installations in the country and can manage your diesel tank installation from beginning to end.


Firstly, due to the experience and training of all of our engineers, we can offer our services for any diesel fuel system that you require. We understand how to safely and efficiently install systems for any size generator and are well versed in the varying requirements of different tanks, gauges and fuel delivery systems.


In fact, we can supply bulk or day storage tanks in a whole range of sizes, from 1,000 LTS all the way up to 150,000 LTS. You can choose between either plastic or steel construction, with all steel tanks being produced to the BS799 standard thickness of 6mms.

We can perform single or secondary contained pipework installations, fit high accuracy gauges and install drop weight fire vales. We also provide overfill and bund alarms and all bunded tanks can be fitted with your choice of either a 30 minute or 60 minute fire protection system, to ensure that your facilities are given total protection.


To make sure the system is properly maintained at a minimum cost, we also provide a Smart Tank fixed fuel polishing system, which uses advanced magnetic fluid conditioner to treat microbial contamination. Forecourt Installation Services' engineers can even offer fuel sampling and will usually be able to provide treatment using a mobile conditioning trolley. We also offer tank inspections and can help with the decommissioning of old systems.


With Forecourt Installation Services, your diesel tank installation will be performed quickly and safely, while the tank can be provided with a number of options and treatments to make sure you receive exactly what you require. For more information on how you could benefit from our installation services, contact us today.


Forecourt Installation Services - for all of your fuel guage needs

Forecourt Installation Services has long supplied, installed, and maintained high quality fuel systems. In addition to our great selection of tanks and pumps, we can provide a range of fuel storage tank gauges. Forecourt Installation Services covers the needs of many different sectors of the marketplace, so you can be confident that we’ll provide what you’re looking for.

  Here at Forecourt Installation Services, our experience has taught us to thoroughly understand the different fuel tank gauge requirements of each market, so we supply gauges specifically designed for varying applications.  

Consider our selection of gauges for petrol forecourts and commercial fuel stations. These pieces of equipment need to be incredibly reliable and durable, so we stock only the highest quality models to ensure that measurements are exact. We also have a comprehensive range of Adblue gauges. When a vehicle runs out of Adblue, it starts producing high levels of hazardous emissions again, so it makes sense to ensure that you’re running with a quality gauge.  

Also available are gauges tailored to the specific needs of a marine environment. You’ll need a model that can stand up to all manner of environments and conditions, and Forecourt Installation Services can deliver. We even carry a range of gauges for domestic heating oil storage.

Of course, our selection of fuel storage tank gauges doesn’t just cover a variety of sectors. We can also provide gauges to suit all kinds of budget options – it’s even possible to pick up one of our reconditioned units.  

If you’re unsure what type of gauge you need, simply call Forecourt Installation Services for some guidance. Our team is made up of experienced fuel tank experts, so we can help to specify what sort of system is right for your requirements.


After helping you to select the gauge that meets your needs, we can supply the unit and oversee its installation at any location across the country. Our products are all incredibly durable and reliable, but we still offer complete pump and tank maintenance packages for commercial customers, just to make sure everything is kept is running smoothly. You can have your whole system – including in the gauge – checked up and serviced every three, six or 12 months. 

Why is it important to use an OFTEC registered company for heated oil tank installation and maintenance?

As a trusted provider of heating oil tank installation and maintenance, Forecourt Installation Services is registered with the Oil Firing Technical Association (OFTEC), and every single one of our engineers is trained to OFTEC 10-600A for our oil tank installations. OFTEC accreditation is an important qualification to check for if you’re buying a heating oil system or changing your current tank, or even if you’ve moved to a property and inherited a system. 

  A registered OFTEC engineer will aid you in selecting the type of tank that you need and more importantly, will help you to determine where the oil tank needs to be placed for it to be within UK safety regulations. These regulations help to mitigate environmental and fire risks - OFTEC certified technicians will ensure that your tank meets them, as well as ensuring that its placement complies with building regulations.

  Safe service doesn’t end with installation though, as you should have your tank inspected each year by an OFTEC certified technician to make sure that the system is in good working order. Getting the tank checked regularly will mean that any potential problems are spotted early on, which could save a considerable amount of money and effort in the future. It is particularly important to arrange an inspection if you’ve recently moved to a property with a heating oil tank. You don’t want to end up paying the price for the previous owner’s poor choice of tank, or their neglect of proper inspections.

  If the tank is found to be in need of replacement, you can rest assured that the new one will be of high quality when you take advantage of our installation services. We stock heating oil tanks from Tuffa, Deso, Atlas, Harlequin, and Envirostore – some of the most reliable names around. Of course, our highly trained staff will help to select the right one for you.

  In addition to being an OFTEC registered company, Forecourt Installation Services are members of the Association of Petroleum and Explosive Atmospheres and have achieved Safe Contractor Accreditation. We’re also a proud member of Checkatrade, so you can be confident that trust in our services will not be misplaced.  

Need a firm with expertise in AdBlue maintenance? Consider Us

There's no question that AdBlue has only gained in relevance in recent years, not only in commercial and industrial environments, but also in general motoring. This fluid may be mistakenly seen in some quarters as a fuel additive, but it actually serves the purpose - in conjunction with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems - of reducing the nitrogen oxide emissions produced by diesel vehicles' exhausts. 

The period since 2006 has seen SCR technology incorporated into all vehicles of more than 7.5 tonnes, with all of these vehicles being legally required to use AdBlue. The widespread popularity of AdBlue in such commercial sectors as logistics and transport can be attributed to its great effectiveness at reducing overall fuel consumption.

  However, AdBlue is also a fluid that necessitates specialist storage, which creates an accompanying need for a company like Forecourt Installation Services that can assist with the right AdBlue maintenance and installation knowhow. Not only must AdBlue be stored somewhere safe from exposure to direct sunlight, but its storage temperatures also need to be just right.  

While the typical shelf life of AdBlue in usual UK weather conditions is 6-12 months, this can be extended to nearly 18 months in the optimum storage conditions. The good news is that as this country is not exactly known for extreme weather conditions, your AdBlue solution is unlikely to ever reach its -11 degrees Celsius freezing point, which will probably render climate control unnecessary on your AdBlue tank installation.  

However, climate control can still be requested when you turn to Forecourt Installation Services for AdBlue maintenance and installation services. Indeed, there's barely a company around that offers such complete AdBlue storage tank and dispensing system maintenance and support. That's without considering our expertise in the initial installation of such a system, with both horizontal and vertical bunded AdBlue storage tanks able to be supplied from 1,350 LTS to 15,000 LTS.  

Whatever your fleet or usage requirements, in fact, Forecourt Installation Services can offer the best supply and installation service. With our in-depth experience and knowledge in solutions ranging from plastic IBCs and bunded plastic storage tanks to above and below ground steel tanks that also incorporate dispensing pumps, you can have the utmost confidence in us when you choose us for AdBlue maintenance, installation and associated services.   

AdBlue: Helping to Fuel the Future

In addition to the range of traditional fuel storage solutions that we offer, we at Forecourt Installation Services are always thinking of the future. That's why we think it's a good time for you to consider AdBlue installation.

AdBlue is an easy to use substance that converts NOx emissions from diesel engines into nitrogen and steam, radically reducing the release of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. AdBlue is non-flammable, non-explosive and freezes only at –11 degrees Celsius, not temperatures that you'll often need to worry about in the United Kingdom. It also has a shelf life of 6-12 months, although this can be extended by favourable conditions.

AdBlue is an SCR or 'selective catalytic reduction' technology that is injected via a separate tank into the exhaust pipe. AdBlue is heated by the exhaust and changes into ammonia and carbon dioxide, which react with harmful NOx emissions to convert into harmless water and nitrogen. NOx emissions interact with sunlight to produce ground level ozone and smog. This can create numerous serious health risks for people living in urban environments, and build-up can lead to acid rain, which threatens Britain's biodiversity.

However, using AdBlue isn't just good for the environment – it's also good for business. Recent legislation on diesel vehicles has demanded a drastic reduction in NOx emissions, meaning that more and more vehicles are equipped with AdBlue tanks, and demand is increasing for the product.

We supply and install a wide variety of tanks to suit any size fleet and any usage requirements. If you're likely to need to move the product around, then you may consider investing in one of our plastic IBCs or bunded plastic storage tanks. We can also provide above and below ground steel tanks, as well as either horizontal or vertical bunded AdBlue tanks with capacities ranging from 1350 LTS all the way to 15,000 LTS.

We can even supply climate control during installation; this is not normally needed – but is available on request. To make sure you're always happy and confident with your product, we also provide complete maintenance and support for your new tanks and dispensing systems.

​ Contact Forecourt Installation Services today to discuss our great range of AdBlue storage solutions.  

More about our in-depth expertise in generator fuel systems

​One only needs to take a brief look at the Forecourt Installation Services website to see how renowned a name we are for the installation and maintenance of all manner of fuel systems. You may be looking for above and below ground pumps, tanks, gauges and pipework to be used with petrol, kerosene, AdBlue, biofuels, anti-freeze or chemicals, while we have also achieved Safe Contractor Accreditation and are members of the APEA Association of Petroleum and Explosive Atmospheres.  

But what about diesel tank maintenance and installation? Well, it just happens that we have a strong reputation in this area too, founded on extensive professional experience in the supply, installation and maintenance of all manner of fuel systems in accordance with customer requirements. That certainly applies to the diesel fuel system installation process, which we are able to manage from start to finish, encompassing delivery, offload and positioning.  

Not only do we possess the extensive expertise required to install diesel fuel systems for any size of generator set, but we are also able to provide bulk and day storage tanks in steel or plastic, from 1,000 LTS to 150,000 LTS. We construct every one of our steel tanks from 6mm steel to BS799 standard, while a 30 minute or 60 minute fire rating can be specified for our bunded storage tanks.  

Our knowhow in generator fuel systems really is in-depth, covering everything from single and secondary contained pipework installations, drop weight fire valves, fuel polishing systems and bulk storage tanks to day tanks, transfer pump sets, water and contamination removals and pipework pressure testing. Other aspects of our expertise in diesel tank maintenance and installation include high accuracy tank gauges, tank inspections, overfill and bund alarms and system decommissioning.  

Another vital element of any fuel management system, however, is the Smart Tank, the fixed fuel polishing system - consisting of a conditioner and scrubber - that serves as the advanced automated system by which stored diesel fuels are managed. The Smart Tank comes fitted with the latest magnetic fluid conditioner MFC for the treatment of microbrial contamination. Finally, even on-the-spot fuel sampling is offered, with treatment provided as necessary.  

Is there a company out there offering a more complete diesel tank maintenance and installation service than Forecourt Installation Services? We certainly don't think so. Get in touch with our seasoned engineers for more information.  

We can handle the complete installation of marina fuel systems

When you are looking for the ideal company to carry out the installation of your marina fuel system, there are certain priorities that will take precedence. You will certainly want to find a business that has a strong general reputation, not necessarily just in marina fuel installation, but also in such related areas as fuel tanks, fuel pumps, sub pumps and petrol pipe installations. 

  It also makes sense to look for a company that has a sound record on Checkatrade and that trains its engineers to the highest standards - but what of its specific marina fuel installation expertise? Here at Forecourt Installation Services, we are able to design, supply, install and maintain all manner of marine fuel systems in accordance with the specific requirements of customers, drawing on a wealth of professional experience gained from a number of large marine projects.

  Our exact knowhow in the area of marina fuel installation encompasses everything from above and below ground diesel, petrol storage solutions to fuel pumps, submersible pumps and pay at pump technologies. We are also an authority in the likes of fuel management systems, gauges, fully secondary contained marine flex and HDPE secondary contained petrol pipe. Or perhaps you require a specialist in such areas as leak detection systems, integrity line and tank testing, hose reels or building works?

  Whether you require above ground bunded super vault petrol tanks with a four hour fire rating, or instead below ground double skinned fuel tanks incorporating leak detection systems, you'll be pleased by the standard of the work that we do for you and your marina. Not only are we an authority in the installation of various petrol and diesel storage solutions, but there are also various pipework systems that we can provide.

  Talk to our engineers today about such marine solutions as FE Petro submersible fuel pumps with leak detection or suction, which can both incorporate secondary contained pipework in HDPE conductive and fully secondary contained marine hose with stainless steel transitions. Or perhaps it's our fuel delivery pump options that you are most interested in, on account of their complete compatibility with fuel management systems and pay at pump technologies?  

Simply contact us now to find out more about the depth of our capabilities in marina fuel installation, and to receive a competitive quote.  


Why now is the time to enquire about heating oil tanks maintenance

As we transition gradually from the summer into the autumn, many of us with heating oil tanks will be enquiring about having them serviced. A properly serviced and maintained heating oil tank is as vital at this time of year as ensuring that the tank is well-stocked. Here at Forecourt Installation Services, we can offer the full range of heating oil tanks maintenance guidance, support and services, befitting our considerable knowhow, experience and renown in this area.  

A heating oil tank, like any other operational product, can deteriorate and become less functional with the passage of time, any problems only worsened by the wear and tear of frequent usage and adverse weather conditions. Well-timed and intelligently chosen heating oil tanks maintenance services like our own can help to maintain your tank's current efficiency, in addition to warding off future problems.  

An annual service is surely the most obvious means of ensuring your heating oil tank's continued high performance. Although fuel tanks are designed to be used without issues for many years, the most regularly used peripheral parts are vulnerable to wear and tear, and therefore don't tend to last as long. A service can identify the parts that are approaching the end of their life, so that they can be replaced before any much more damaging breakages or faults occur.  

A particular problem for many heating oil tanks is corrosion due to the heavy winters and wet summers, leading to lost and spilled oil. With heating oil becoming ever more expensive with the passage of the years, even just losing 5 per cent of your tank's oil due to this problem equates to a great amount of lost money over time. Nor are spillages only costly to you personally, with the environment also potentially suffering great harm through the contamination of local soil and rivers.  

Failure to prevent and/or clean up spillages can result in hefty fines for the owner of the heating oil tank, so the right heating oil tanks maintenance services should be a massive priority. Indeed, there's no better time to have your tank serviced than when it is low on heating oil, which tends to be as the summer months are coming to an end. You may be looking for the right maintenance services right now, in fact, and we can provide them to the highest standard.

  Contact Forecourt Installation Services now about the complete and most suitable heating oil tanks maintenance services. 

Are you looking for a petrol pipe maintenance service?

It should very much go without saying that the installation and maintenance of fuel pipes is highly specialised work. There is a wide range of industries and applications that may require the knowhow and experience of a petrol pipe maintenance and installation specialist, from petrol forecourts and commercial refuelling facilities to commercial and domestic heating oil, generator fuel line installs and marina fuel installations.   

These are all industries and applications that are covered by Forecourt Installation Services' far-reaching petrol pipe maintenance services. It may have only been 2012 when the company was established, but it already enjoys a strong reputation in this and such associated areas as fuel tanks, fuel pumps, sub pumps and generator fuel systems. The company boasts such important accreditations as membership of the APEA Association of Petroleum and Explosive Atmospheres, Safe Contractor Accreditation and OFTEC registration.  

A wide range of clients in the above industries have already learned that they can depend on Forecourt Installation Services for petrol pipe maintenance and installation. They know that the work itself is of only the highest quality, as part of the most professional and efficient nationwide service. They are also aware of our ability to manage any size of project from start to finish, drawing upon our more than two decades of professional experience.

  We are contacted especially often in relation to our HDPE electro fusion petrol pipe in single and double wall with leak detection systems. However, our knowhow in this area also extends to the likes of KPS petrol pipe, UPP petrol pipe, Nupigeco petrol pipe, Environ petrol pipe, Dura Pipe PLX petrol pipe and Marina Flex fuel pipe. We can even specialise in Mappress stainless steel pipework, galvanised steel threaded pipework, stainless steel threaded pipework, Brugg pipe systems and Qual-Oil pipe.

  Choose Forecourt Installation Services for petrol pipe maintenance and installation services, and you can have peace of mind knowing that all of our engineers have received an exceptional standard of training, having undertaken training courses for UPP, KPS, Dura Pipe and Nupigeco HDPE electro fusion petrol pipe. They also possess considerable experience on major projects ranging from car plants, petrol forecourts and MOD bases to marinas, bus depots and haulage yards.  

At this company, it really is the case that no petrol pipe maintenance job is too big or small.

The importance of the right sub pump installation and maintenance services

The submersible pump has long played a valuable role in the pumping of water and other fluids. It has a hermetically sealed motor, close-coupled to the pump body, with the whole assembly being submerged in the fluid for pumping. Unlike jet pumps, which have to pull fluids, submersible pumps can push fluids to the surface, and are therefore more efficient. 

  Here at Forecourt Installation Services, we cater for a wide range of customers operating submersible pumping systems, with the most comprehensive sub pump installation and maintenance services. Our team is also able to service your pumping system, drawing upon their experience with the PLLD, MLLD leak detection systems of market leaders like FE Petro and Gilbarco Root.

  The history of submersible pumping systems can be traced back to around 1928, when the first submersible oil pump was successfully installed by Russian oil delivery system engineer and inventor Armais Arutunoff. By the following year, Pleuger Pumps was pioneering the design of the submersible turbine pump, an ancestor of the sophisticated multi-stage submersible pumps widely used today. Fast-forward to the mid-1960s, and a fully submersible deep-well water pump was being developed for the first time.

  There are many applications for submersible pumps, which in the case of single stage pumps, include sewage pumping, drainage, slurry pumping and general industrial pumping. They are also commonly used with pond filters. You may invest in a multiple stage submersible pump, meanwhile, for such purposes as residential, commercial, municipal and industrial water extraction, and in both water wells and oil wells, given the ability to lower such pumps down a borehole.  

When you turn to Forecourt Installation Services for sub pump installation, maintenance and servicing, you can benefit from the complete submersible pumping system for such applications as petrol, diesel, kerosene and AdBlue. Giving you further peace of mind is our strong reputation in pumping systems in general, encompassing both above and below ground pumps. We are also members of the Association of Petroleum and Explosive Atmospheres (APEA) and achieved Safe Contractor Accreditation in 2013.  

When you require a company that can provide you with reliable advice and services relating to all aspects of sub pump installation, maintenance and servicing, there's ultimately only one choice - Forecourt Installation Services.


The right AdBlue storage system is becoming increasingly necessary

The development of AdBlue has undoubtedly been a great boon for many of those in commercial sectors - like logistics and transport - where the minimisation of vehicle fuel consumption is essential.  

Although some mistakenly see it as a fuel additive, AdBlue is actually an aqueous solution that reduces the nitrogen oxide omissions from diesel vehicles when combined with the increasingly familiar Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology.

  This has made it more and more necessary for the right storage systems to be provided by companies - such as Forecourt Installation Services - with a strong track record in AdBlue installation. Whatever AdBlue system you require for fleet or usage requirements - whether it is a bunded plastic storage tank, plastic IBC or above or below ground steel tank complete with dispensing pump - we can supply and fit it.

  While the advantages of AdBlue are many, its rate of consumption being around 1:20 to the diesel consumption rate for standard Euro 4, 5 and 6 vehicles, it also has very specific storage requirements. It cannot be stored in direct sunlight, and nor can it be exposed to extremes of temperature - whether too hot or too cold.

  Thankfully for UK users of AdBlue, the fluid's freezing point is -11 degrees Celsius, an extreme rarely seen in this country, largely making climate control unnecessary for any AdBlue installation. Nonetheless, it is still an option for those investing in a storage tank from Forecourt Installation Services, which in addition to providing horizontal and vertical bunded AdBlue storage tanks of between 1350 LTS and 15,000 LTS, is known for its exceptional standard of installation and support.  

For several reasons, it is becoming more and more urgent for many within commerce and industry to invest in the most suitable AdBlue installation. The period since 2006 has already seen the incorporation of SCR technology into all vehicles of more than 7.5 tonnes, and it is now becoming a fixture of some newer diesel cars as it gains relevance in general motoring.

  The right environment for the storage of AdBlue can also extend its shelf life from the 6-12 months that would be expected in usual UK weather conditions, to almost 18 months. Contact Forecourt Installation Services now about how we can carry out the most professional AdBlue installation in accordance with your most specialised requirements. 

The vital priorities when enquiring about heating oil tanks installation

Heating oil tanks installation and maintenance are necessary services for many of those with homes that are not coupled up to the UK's mains gas network. This situation, after all, significantly increases the likelihood of homeowners needing to store oil on their own property's grounds, so that they have fuel to use for heating and hot water systems.  

​ The established installation and maintenance firm Forecourt Installation Services is one of the highest rated heating oil tanks installation specialists, being able to provide both domestic and commercial, single skin and fully bunded heating oil tanks.  

Heating oil tanks can be supplied by the company from all of the leading manufacturers, including Tuffa, Deso, Atlas, Harlequin and Envirostore. But even more importantly than that, the team has in-depth experience and expertise in the carrying out of new and replacement tank installations for the broadest range of customers.

  Whatever products, services or accessories you may require, Forecourt Installation Services is able to provide them. The firm is known for everything from bunded plastic oil tanks and bunded steel oil tanks to tank gauges, overfill bund alarms and OFTEC oil tank inspections. Domestic and commercial customers also regularly contact the firm for the likes of oil boiler installation and servicing, fire valves, offset fill point cabinets and fuel polishing and tank cleaning.

  The specialist nature of Forecourt Installation Services' services in relation to heating oil tanks installation and maintenance even extends to water and contamination removals, oil tank decommissioning, concrete tank bases, tank and pipework pressure testing with certification and 30 and 60 minute fire protected oil tanks.  

It's important for those contemplating the installation of a heating oil tank at their property to be well-versed in the relevant features, including a bund, which is effectively a container within a container and prevents oil from seeping outside the tank in the event of spillage or damage to the inner tank.  

The reputability of Forecourt Installation Services as a heating oil tanks installation specialist is further affirmed by its proud OFTEC registration and membership of Check a Trade. No company has such a strong reputation for the most professional, efficient and high quality service, and its team is happy to carry out a free no obligation site survey for any interested parties. 

Turn to Forecourt Installation Services for the complete fuel pump installation expertise

Forecourt Installation Services may have only been established in 2012, but it has already built a strong reputation as an installation and maintenance company. In areas ranging from petrol pump installation and maintenance and fuel pipework installation and maintenance to OFTEC oil tank inspections and AdBlue installations, to name just a few, the firm has become a hugely trusted name.  

Fuel pump installation may be just one area of expertise for Forecourt Installation Services, but it is an in-depth one. Whatever you require a commercial, forecourt or submersible fuel pump for, and whether the fuel in question is petrol, diesel, heating oil, bio fuel or AdBlue among the many possibilities, the company is not only able to supply such a system, but can also install and maintain it, drawing upon its more than two decades of experience in this area.  

Choose Forecourt Installation Services for the provision of new or refurbished commercial and forecourt fuel pumps to BS 7117 part 1:1991. With the right suction or pressure system, delivery speeds as high as 120 LTS a minute can be assured, while any commercial fuel pump provided by the company can also feature integrated fuel management systems with real time web-based operating systems. Customers are also able to request various weights and measure approved and ATEX rated pumps.

  Forecourt Installation Services is also the firm to which to turn for the entire range of commercial pump and tank maintenance requirements, accompanied by 3, 6 or 12 monthly service visits as well as any required replacement parts or accessories. Examples of the latter include fuel management systems, ZVA nozzles, safety breakaway couplings, meters, belts, anti-syphon/pressure regulating valves, pumping units, under pump valves and hoses and hose reels.  

Closely related to the company's knowhow in fuel pump installation is its considerable experience in the installation of all manner of specialist pipework. Forecourt Installation Services' engineers are trained to impeccable standards and are therefore well-prepared to install everything from KPS petrol pipe, UPP petrol pipe and environ petrol pipe to stainless steel threaded pipework, galvanised steel threaded pipework and brugg pipe systems.  

For fuel pump installation and so many more related services, carried out to the highest standards, make Forecourt Installation Services your choice of contractor.  

Forecourt Installation Services provides the total package for fuel tanks

The operation that you run might use a lot of fuel. For instance, if you run a quarry or open cast mine, you're going to have a lot of big vehicles burning up fuel every day, and they will need to refuel close to your base of operations.  

​ Obviously, going to a public forecourt is not an option for a huge piece of machinery, and the closer you can have your refuelling depot to the point of use, the lower the costs you'll experience. The lower the costs, the larger the profit margin. Indeed, that's why you should come to us for fuel tank installation.  

We've been doing it for more than two decades, and having worked on a number of projects, we can provide tanks suited to any operation. We can provide small tanks or big. What's more, we can work wherever you are in the UK. A site in the extremities of Scotland or the middle of London is no issue for us. If you want the tanks sunk underground, that's possible. Or we can provide the correct, level support for above ground fuel tank installation.  

As specialists, we can offer all of the services your project needs. Alarms can be fitted to warn that the bunding has been compromised on a tank, and we can provide very precise measures for fuel pumps. Everything can be controlled from a central point too.  

We also do the supporting work, such as looking after the tanks over time, or checking the performance of all of the component parts. We can alter existing systems, in addition to removing tanks. If water or other chemicals somehow get inside your tanks, we can clear it as well. You will find that we offer a lot more than just fuel tank installation.  

​ Of course, fuel is an expensive thing, and we can fit the above ground tank with security doors that roll up when you need to use it. We can also install the tanks to be fit to withstand fires. After all, it only takes some broken glass to lie in a patch of spilt fuel. Then when the sun's rays focus through the glass, a fire can start next to your tank, and if there's a lot on site, you'll need protection to avoid a major incident.


Forecourt Installation Services caters for your complete installation and maintenance needs

Whatever your installation and maintenance requirements, they will be well catered-for when you make Forecourt Installation Services your choice of contractor. 

Despite only being established in 2012, the company has built a formidable reputation for the quality, reliability and price of services ranging from oil tanks installation to the maintenance of above and below ground pumps, gauges and pipework.

Customers turn to Forecourt Installation Services time and time again, simply because no other company can be trusted so much to provide such a professional and speedy service with the minimum of fuss. We provide our services across the United Kingdom to customers requiring tanks and similar installations for use with petroleum, diesel, kerosene, AdBlue, bio fuels, oil, chemicals and anti-freeze.

Forecourt Installation Services certainly has the right credentials and accreditations for the services that we carry out. Our engineers, for example, benefit from training to only the very highest standards, with certifications CSCS Safety Pass, UKPIA Safety Pass and Confined Space Training as a minimum.

The company is also a member of the APEA Association of Petroleum and Explosive Atmospheres and achieved Safe Contractor Accreditation in 2013, in addition to being an OFTEC registered company, with all of its engineers being trained to OFTEC 10-600A for Oil Tank Installations. The business has also recorded an average score of 9.6 out of 10 on Checkatrade.

​ The reasons for such strong feedback soon become obvious when you call upon our services. Your company may require extensive knowhow in oil tanks installation and maintenance, for example, or in similar work related to petrol pumps, fuel pipework and/or submersible pumping systems. We are also known for our OFTEC oil tank inspections, construction works, tank cleaning, fuel polishing and Overfill Prevention Devices, among a vast range of other services.

​ The list goes on. Perhaps you are seeking the perfect contractor to carry out domestic and commercial heating oil installations, generator fuel line installations or pressure and  vacuum testing with the certification of fuel storage tanks and associated pipework? Other areas of expertise include - but are far from limited to - water and contamination removals, grade changes and electrical installation and testing.

Really, could you desire any more from your one-stop installation and maintenance contractor? Get in touch with us now about a free no obligation site visit and installation quotation.