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Forecourt Installation Services

Our FC20 is the same system as supplied in our well proven ALPHA FC10 'Pump with fuel management system'. The FC20 terminal connects 2 existing or new fuel pumps (only requirement is a pulse output from the pump). The system comprises of two parts: ‑ FC20 terminal & web based software which collects data & provides a whole host of totalising & analysing tools.

 FC20 Terminal
- Uses virtually indestructible datatags instead of keys or cards.
- Up to 65,000 different datatags on any one system.

- Vehicle tag, odometer entry, odometer check & MPG calculation.
- Optional driver code &/or pin code entry.
- GPRS modem for remote access to fuel data.
- User friendly web based system software.
- Flexible report writer enables a wide range of fuel usage analysis by vehicle, department, vehicle type, fuel type, time, date etc.
- Includes CO2 output readings on report.

- Multiple site capability & data consolidation.
- Mobile app now available. Monitor from your phone/tablet.
- All features included as standard. No optional extras to purchase.
- Installation and commissioning support available.

GPRS modem
- No trenches to dig, ducting or cables to install, fitted as standard. Global data sim card available.
- Guaranteed for life, if it fails we'll give you a new one free.
Back lit LCD display.

- Clear even in direct sunlight or at night. Shows up to 9999.9 litres.
Numeric keypad
- Provides a second level of security. The keypad is vandal resistant & fully weatherproof. It’s used for entry of PIN codes, driver codes or odometer readings.
Web Based Software System
- Potentially can be accessed from a PC anywhere in the world. Just requires an internet connection, a login ID & user password.
Ideal for large fleets, multi‑sites & multi‑user applications.

Forecourt Installation Services provide installation and maintenance of Fuel Management Systems.

Fuel Management Systems are used to maintain, control and monitor consumption and stock in any type of industry that uses transport, including rail, road, water and air as a means of business. 

Our Fuel Management Systems are designed to effectively measure and manage the use of fuel with key data been accessed through the easy to use web portal. You can view stock levels, know the status of your equipment, set up alerts and review all transactions which have taken place on site.This is achieved by various technologies that are designed to track and monitor fuel inventory with contact less tags, electronic keys or through Automatic VehicleIdentification System.