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​​​Brugg SECON-X

Is a flexible pipe system with a stainless steel primary pipe capable of being tested and even monitored for leaks. The Brugg Secon-X double walled pipe system consists of a helically corrugated stainless steel primary pipe and a polyethylene secondary containment casing pipe. Helical channels are formed by the geometry of the primary pipe around the circumference, aided by longitudinal channels in the secondary pipe. Both extend over the entire length of the pipe. These longitudinal channels between the carrier and casing pipe provide the necessary annular gap for the safe and contained flow of leaking product along and within the coaxial pipe. The stainless steel primary pipe of Brugg Secon-X is not only corrosion resistant but is also a permeation proof barrier. It is also capable of handling the future generation of automotive fuels. Being made of corrosion proof materials Brugg Secon-X does not need any additional cathodic corrosion-protection.


Safety Pipe is a flexible, permanently monitored, double-walled pipe system. The Brugg Flexwell Safety Pipe consists of a corrugated stainless steel inner medium pipe, a spacer tape and a corrugated outer containment pipe made of stainless steel. The annular gap between the inner and outer pipes is a surveillance space for leak monitoring. External corrosion protection is provided by a PE casing covering the outer pipe. 

Brugg Flexwell Safety Pipes

Brugg Can be manufactured in continuous lengths of over 1,000 metres (depending on size and type of construction). This means that installation times are extremely quick and cost savings are made during installation. Compared to conventional welded constructions, many kilometres of Brugg Flexwell Safety Pipe can be installed in a few days, saving man power costs and site/factory downtime.

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