Fill Point Cabinets

 Forecourt Installation Services LTD offer a range of secure lockable fill point cabinets to contain any spillage of diesel which may occur during the delivery process which are compliant with the requirements of DEFRA Oil Storage guidance document. We can provide these in plastic or steel and to customer specific dimensions.

LPG Storage Tanks

Tanks can be located either above ground, on a concrete base, or underground where a pit will need to be excavated. Which one you choose is a matter of preference these are some of the things to consider. Underground tanks guarantee that the tank cannot be seen but the installation process is more involved for underground tanks as a suitable pit needs to be excavated. Above ground tanks only require a simple concrete base to stand on - base sizes vary from 1800mm x 1200 x 150mm to 2400 x 1200 x 150mm depending on which size tank is being installed. Once installed, underground tanks stay in place so it's important that future building plans are considered.

Fire Protected Fuel Storage Tanks

The tanks are available for Domestic and Non-Domestic applications ranging in size from 1150 litres – 15000 litres and are available with either 30 or 60 minute Fire Protection. Fire Protection for Steel Tanks can also be tailor-made. Fire Stop is a cost effective, simple method that requires no brickwork, barriers or firewalls to be erected on site making sure there are no delays in installing the tank. The customer can have their new tank in the same place. Fire Stop tanks are suitable for all sites requiring Fire Protection for oil storage and can be sited next to boundaries, buildings, windows and structures etc.The product has LABC (Local Authority Building Control) System Approval in compliance with Building Regulations, and the fire barrier is constructed from a high quality fire retardant material.

Above Ground Bunded Petrol Storage Tanks

Our Above Ground Petrol Storage Tanks are manufactured in the UK to meet the requirements laid out in DSEAR, HSG 146 (dispensing of petrol) and HSG 176 (storage of flammable liquids in storage tanks). which allows our clients to store petrol on there premises legally and securely with our range of fully bunded and fire-protected above ground petrol storage tanks.

Our standard tanks range from 975 litres to 5000 litres. All designed to be gravity filled on your premises by a petrol tanker. We also offer capacities of up to 45,000 litres with our range of Convault Above Ground Petrol Storage Tanks.

AdBlue Storage Tanks

We offer a range of easy to handle above ground AdBlue storage tanks that provide highly professional  solutions for Adblue storage to all our customers. The chemical characteristics of AdBlue require special storage and handling equipment. Our AdBlue Systems can be manufactured from 1350 litres up to a capacity of 15000 litres, plus. All AdBlue tanks incorporate specialised equipment suitable for the AdBlue aqueous solution, and are manufactured to fulfil the highest demands of quality, stability and longevity. We will be very pleased to offer advice and consultation with regards to bespoke AdBlue storage tank systems to suit your particular requirements.

Our bunded Adblue storage tanks are designed to answer the needs of commercial companies as well as public depots with truck fleets. Equipped with dispensers and combined leakage and level sensor, the range meets the requirements of functionality and economics. Various heating options are available.  Manufactured from CEFIC approved materials.

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Below Ground Bunded Fuel Storage Tanks

​All our underground storage tanks are fully tested and certified to comply with BS EN 12285:Part 1 specification and, on completion of manufacture, are externally blast cleaned to SA 2.5 followed by a coating of solvent-free polyurethane. The coating receives a 100% pin-hole high voltage spark detection test to confirm complete paint coverage. Submerged-arc welding inside and out, ensures high quality and maximum weld integrity, resulting in a higher finished product strength. This quality is consistent from one tank to the next. To offer flexibility of use, tanks can be built to provide multi-fuel usage including Petrol, Diesel, Bio Fuels and Adblue. 


Forecourt Installation Services LTD offer a full turnkey installation package for Fuel Storage Tanks, We offer variety of options to suit our customers on site requirements with all our installations conforming to the current Oil Storage Regulations.

Above Ground Bunded Plastic Fuel Storage Tanks

The range ofPlastic Bunded Heating Oil Tanks meet and exceed all current oil storage regulations in the UK. They are renowned for strength, reliability and quality. Suitable for domestic, commercial and agricultural applications for new build and existing buildings, they safeguard the property against potential oil spills or ground contamination and provide peace of mind knowing that the oil supply is stored in a good quality and reliable oil tank. We also offer a range of Plastic Bunded Fuel Stations comprising of various capacities 1350L, 1400L, 2500L, 3500L, 6000L, 10000L and 15000 litres. They come complete ready to use, all that is required is a hard standing flat concrete base and your final electrical connection. All diesel storage tanks are fitted with submersible pumping units comprising of pump, flow meter, delivery hose, and an automatic shut off nozzle, filtration and gauge. Larger capacities also come complete with bund and overfill devices and a lockable security cabinet containing any relevant equipment.

Above Ground Bunded Steel Fuel Storage Tanks

​​Forecourt Installation Services LTD can supply steel manufactured liquid storage systems to a standard that we believe no other supplier can offer. We can accommodate any customer requirements, including one-off and bespoke systems. Furthermore, with our highly skilled fabricator welders you will receive a steel product that will outshine any other. All our tanks are manufactured in mild steel to BS EN/10 025, manufactured to BS799 Part 5 and are
fully bunded to comply with oil storage regulations. Our steel tanks are available in a range of colours, capacities and thicknesses. They are manufactured to your specification including critical dimensions, fire protection for both domestic and commercial applications. We also include a lock facility to ensure a high level of security is achieved. Steel bunded or plastic inner/steel outer tanks are available.

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