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EVO brings a new level of usability and functionality to fuel management. A highly evolved user interface and blisteringly-fast new processor make everything from daily functions to advanced setup and programming simple for every user. Life happens in full colour; so should fuel management. The brilliant colour of the 7” touch screen brings a new level of user-friendliness, allowing you to navigate more easily, without memorizing buttons and locations. Vibrant new icons and programmable product colours make this the most intuitive tank gauge available.


O.L.E Z2000 & Z5020 ATEX Tank Level Gauge

Colibri™ tank monitor is the ideal solution for the fuelling station owner who requires basic, straightforward functionality in a fuel inventory monitoring system. The Colibri™ system monitors fuel density and inventory levels in up to six tanks and provides accurate, reliable information without manually taking tank readings. Additional features communicate the status of tank contents, including volume, temperature, mass, water level and continuous tank leak detection. The Web interface feature allows authorised users access to tank information from any computer connected to the internet or wide area network, as well as custom alerts which can be sent to email or mobile devices. The power of Colibri™ extends even further by constantly tracking your fuel stock, comparing data, and checking for discrepancies in your system through auto calibration and reconciliation.

EVO TS-550 & TS-5000 Fuel Management Systems

AnyWare™ is an internet based fuel management software package designed to provide you with unparalleled monitoring and control capabilities. Residing on a local server in your home office, System Sentinel AnyWare™ will allow your personnel to access site information through any web browser. System Sentinel AnyWare™ accumulates valuable fuel management data from all of your sites into one location. The new export feature allows you to extract this data in several different formats so it can be used by other applications. The data files can be automatically sent to an email address, FTP site, or saved to a local drive. From there they can be easily incorporated into other business tools like accounting or fuel dispatch applications. The powerful rules engine of the System Sentinel AnyWare™ software package allows you to manage by exception through automatic forwarding of alarm, leak test and inventory information to the appropriate people when immediate attention is required.



- Based on the popular O.L.E T4020/T5020 gauge but ATEX certified.
- Set up by us within 24hrs from receipt of our tank questionnaire or we can issue PC software for you to set up.
- Accuracy +/‑0.25% of tank capacity.
- Suitable with petrol, kerosene, diesel, biodiesel up to B100, AdBlue® & antifreeze.
- Suits tanks 1m ‑ 10m high. Probe cable can be extended to 100m.
- Electronic display with backlight (turns off after 1 hour). Weatherproof to IP55.
- Gives continuous readout in litres & shows a % bar.
- Power supply can be 230V, 110V or 24VDC.
- Includes 4‑20mA outputs & Modbus RS485 for connect to a BMS system.
- Tank probes are an electronic pressure sensor with a 1” BSPT male fitting.
- Level probes must be suspended 50mm from the bottom of the tank.
- 1 gauge required per tank. Slave display option available.
- Choose between bund probe (TGE.ZBP) or water bottom sensor (TGE.ZWS).
- Tank mount probe junction box (TGE.P.ZJBOX). 
- Relay board fits inside the gauge housing, 4 volt free outputs (TGE.R).


Spend less time waiting for reports or waiting for data to load and more time getting on with your day. A new, faster processor provides unprecedented speed and processing power while the expandable memory option allows you to store reports as long as you need. There’s no learning curve with this new system. Evo makes fuel management like second nature, designed to be understood easily and operated immediately, complete with fully programmable One Touch shortcut buttons for simple execution of your most common tasks. A fuel management system’s main function is to protect the site it monitors. When an alarm occurs there’s no time for second-guessing or confusion. Clear, colourful notification, descriptive identifications, and a totally reinvented alarms page provide complete clarity when you need it most.

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The accuracy of the gauge can make a huge difference. Take, as an example, a typical 40,000 litre capacity fuel storage tank - the reading on a gauge, with an accuracy of +/- 2%, could be as much as 800 litres in error when the tank is full. The larger the tank capacity the greater the margin for error with regards to contents measurement so the larger the tank the greater the need for higher accuracy when choosing a tank gauge.