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On the new UPP fusion chamber the riser section electro fuses to the base removing the need for multiple bolt holes and foam gaskets in this area, therefore dramatically reducing the number of potential leak paths. With its simplified assembly, this fusion fuel tank chamber also reduces the installation time. Welding of the chamber can be performed using the EF1 UPP welding unit in approximately six minutes. Once welded and cooled the base and riser become one homogeneous unit, with no mechanical joints and no leak points. The tank chamber is also 100% compatible with the unique bolt-less UPP electro fusion entry fittings, further reducing potential leak paths.

- Riser electrofuses to chamber base - no bolts, no leaks.
- Vacuum testable.
- Watertight chamber.
- Watertight lid.
- Low base height and large working area.

Fibrelite currently offers a wide range of fibreglass fuel tank chambers for any type of fuel tank (including fibreglass, steel and polyurethane jacketed steel). Available in round, square or rectangular shapes, all tank sumps are designed to create the maximum space for installers to work. Fibrelite produces high quality one-piece molded, FRP components with a smooth surface for easy installation of entry boots. All products are designed and manufactured to withstand high ground water pressure after installation for the lifetime of the site. 

- Watertight

– structure will not deform under water pressure
- Anti-static surface
- Vacuum testable during and after installation
- Available for both new and retrofit applications

​Fuel Tank Chambers

UPP fusion chamber

Atlas Mono Gen 2 Tank Chambers

fuel dispenser sumps

Our generic frame design suits most dispenser types however we also offer manufacturer specific custom made frames. ChamberTite dispenser sumps are designed to fully contain your under pump pipework our 500 mm wide chamber are particularly well suited to fusion pipework systems which require more space due to larger connection sizes.

- Wide throat to simplify installation by improving access.
- Optional dispenser mounting frame.
- Support structure for riser support or shear valve mounting.
- Water and fuel tight entries to prevent site contamination using our range of entry boots.
- Suitable for flexible, semi rigid fusion pipework systems,fibreglass and steel pipework.
- Chamber depths design to provide flexibility for site level changes and line drain back.


fibrelite fuel tank chamber

Dispenser Sumps

Fibrelite Fuel Tank Chamber

Composite Manhole Covers

UPP Fusion Tank Chambers

The ATLAS Mono Gen 2 Mono is a progression from the Gen 1 Mono system, which has been designed alongside industry specialists who work with the system on site, making it the most cost effective and installer friendly chamber system on the market.The chamber is constructed from mild steel plate with predefined pipe entry and exit positions, giving the installer a range of potential site layout options. Our new generation fuel tank chamber system is welded directly to the fuel storage tank during manufacture and is coated with the same endoprene protective finish as the tank. This makes the Gen 2 an extension of the tank, and completely eliminates the large potential leak path associated with bolting chambers to up stands. It also means that it benefits from the same 30 year constructional warranty as the tank, which is completely unique as far as chamber systems go.

FIS install a variety of Fuel Storage Tank Chambers and Sumps including: Fibrelite, Franklin & Atlas.

Forecourt Installation Services
atlas fuel storage tank chamber

​Our range of composite manhole covers for Petrol Stations provide lightweight watertight access for use over petroleum storage tanks. The covers are suitable for installation within Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) traffic areas such as the tanker delivery area, however they can be installed wherever the tanks are within the station. Their key features are:

· Watertight Seal
· Integrated lock and lift-point
· Non slip surface
· Anti Rotation Frame
· Non corroding
· Locking and lifting key with each cover

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