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​​Geberit Mapress Fuel Systems

Geberit Mapress 316 Stainless Steel Fuel Systems

At Geberit, top quality has top priority. All there pipes and fittings undergo strict quality control through out their production – from the raw material to the finished product. The fittings are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are tight and the integration of each and every blue fuel seal ring is monitored.

With Geberit press connection fittings, there’s no need to waste time with soldering, threading and welding to form a reliable, tight and durable connection. The only tools needed are cutter, deburrer and press tool - just cut, deburr and press connections together. All Geberit components are designed to fit together perfectly for the complete integrated fuel pipe system.

No naked flame for welding, brazing or soldering is required. The minimal risk of damage to existing fittings and fixtures makes the system a perfect choice for new buildings and refurbishments. There are reduced insurance premiums and no requirement for a hot works certificate.

Furthermore, the pressed fittings create a visually attractive connection: no unsightly
excess weld, only straight shapes on the outside. Together with the stability of the pipes, you will appreciate this especially in projects whenever pipes are installed visibly on the wall. The stainless steel system fulfils the requirements for external cleaning of the pipe installations in clean rooms.

FIS are fully trained and certified to install Geberit Mapress Pipework on Fuel Systems, which allows us to offer extended manufactures warranty on our installations.