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Over pressure leak detector operating with inert gas (nitrogen) as leak detection media in the interstice. Especially designed for monitoring of:

- Liquids which react sensitive when in contact with air (e.g. cosmetics, foods)
- Liquids which are highly explosive
- Also for pipes with a permeable inner wall and liquids which have a flash point below 55° C.

A nitrogen based system avoids the risk of permanent explosive vapours in the interstice. Every leak in one of the walls will be indicated by an optical and audible alarm before product enters the environment. Water polluting liquids which can be monitored: e.g.: petrol, diesel, lye, acid, etc.

FIS are licensed to under take annual servicing on the full range of SGB Leak Detection Systems.

T550 TraceTek Leak Detection Cable


All our leak detection systems working on the pressure or vacuum principle correspond with DIN EN13160 Class 1, and are approved by the DIBt. This confirms the reliability of our products for monitoring of water-polluting liquids in double-walled tanks and piping systems.​

​The environmental protection is one of the main activities of the company. With high standards and application specific product solutions, we contribute to the active protection of our environment.

Class I fulfils the highest level of a monitoring system Advantages against other leak detection classes: 

• Working on the pressure or vacuum based principle. ​ 

• Continuous and reliable monitoring, alarm signal clearly indicated. Class II liquid systems don’t often work without any notification because of wrong installation or maintenance. 

• Cost savings for installation and operation compared to other systems. 
• Lower risks of not or late recognised leaks of tanks and pipes to an absolute minimum.

• Class I systems have been consequently installed in many European Countries since decades in more than 1 million installations. Since that time, there have been no bigger injuries by leaking systems taken place.

• A leak will be detected above or below the liquid level of the stored liquid, and in case of an alarm, no liquid has entered the environment and prevents the system for a sufficient reaction time for service.

• All the other classes of monitoring systems (class II – V) do have the negative effect, that in case of an indicated leakage, hazardous liquids could have been entered into the environment.

• For installation, maintenance and disposal - no handling of hazardous liquids in contrast to, e.g. glycols / additives / water mixtures used in common liquid monitoring systems (Class II).

fuel leak detection system

TraceTek TT5000 sensing cable detects the presence of liquid hydrocarbon fuels at any point along its length, yet does not react to the presence of water. Installed with a TraceTek alarm and locating module, the cable senses the liquid, triggers an alarm, and pinpoints the location of the leak within one meter. Distributed sensing TT5000 sensing cable provides distributed leak detection and location for a wide range of applications. The cable is available in a variety of lengths to provide as much coverage as needed. Design flexibility TT5000 sensing cable can be purchased in bulk form, cut to length in the field and joined using connector kits, or it can be obtained in standard lengths with connectors attached in the factory. These modular sensing cables may be connected in series to provide distributed monitoring for trenches, subfloors, and double-containment piping, or used individually for double-containment tanks, sumps, and small areas. TT5000 zone sensing cable—which comes with a factoryinstalled, heat-shrink end termination—is also available for small area coverage. Advanced technology TraceTek uses radiation-crosslinking and conductivepolymer technology to make TT5000 sensing cable mechanically strong and chemically resistant. The core of the cable is constructed of two sensing wires, an alarm signal wire, and a continuity wire. The core is encased in a conductive-polymer jacket and surrounded with a fluoropolymer braid. This rugged construction allows the cable to perform reliably in the most demanding environments

TraceTek Leak Detection