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Fuel Tank Removal

The protection of the environment is a high priority for all of our customers with regular tank inspections a must to identify any issues before a spillage occurs, which can lead to large clean up bills. In the event of a leaking storage tank you can have peace of mind with FIS completing the decommissioning works.

The proper removal of oil/fuel storage tanks is an important factor as the improper decommissioning can lead to a serious accident or pollution therefore adopting appropriate precautionary measures is a must. With the health and safety at work act stipulating that a sufficient risk assessment must be completed to identify any potential hazards and to ascertain the right precautionary measures are in place you can rest assured you are in good hands when you make FIS your choice of contractor.

Fuel storage tanks require all remaining product uplifting and cleaning before the decommissioning process can take place and with storage tanks been considered a confined space entering a tank to complete these activities should be avoided when possible. There are various options available where this process can be completed without the need to enter the tank for example long reach equipment and camera jets.

Where possible the best process is to remove the storage tank from site to a more secure location and with this in mind the tank will require purging and a gas free certificate issuing before the tank is removed from site with a consignment note been issued.

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