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- The filter system consists of a gear wheel pump with electric motor, the filter housing, controls, moni-toring accessories and threaded connections for inlet, outlet and drainage.

- Preheaters and control box may be part of the filter system.

- Drip pan may be part of the filter system.

- Please refer to general arrangement and list of components in this instruction manual to see details of the CJC™ Filter System supplied.

Turn-Key Solutions for Fuel Polishing Systems including Installation and Maintenance 

CCJ Fuel Polishing Systems

CCJ Fuel Polishing System
CCJ Fuel Polishing Systems

In recent years here at FIS we have seen a great increase in the need for fuel conditioning solutions.Contaminated fuel inside storage tanks can lead to filter blockages and fuel pump failures in some cases leading to big repair bills. Storage tanks particularly those with low usage do become prone to microbes and bugs with the need for fixed fuel polishing systems a must in most cases.

Oil contamination causes approximately 80% of all oil system failures. Contamination takes the form of insoluble materials such as metals, dust particles, sand and rubber (hard contaminants), oil degradation products such as varnish, resin and oxidation residues (soft contaminants) and water. The smallest particles, (below 5 µm), free water and deposits from oil degradation products are often responsible for de-fects.  
These contaminants influence equipment reliability and service life, and nearly 100% of all problems related to contamination of oil and other fluids can be prevented. The CJC™ Filter System is used for oil maintenance. It is generally used as an off-line filtration system in continuous operation. 
Applying a CJC™ Filter System to your system will give you the benefit of increased up time of production machinery and extended service life for system components, by effectively reducing oil contamination from: 

- Insoluble particles
- Oil degradation products and oxidation by-products
- Water

We offer a range of filter options with our fuel polishing systems from 30 micron down to 5 micron with options for gravity feed right through to ultra high speed applications. We offer a service for Fuel Testing with samples been sent off for analysis and a report usually complete within 48 hours. We also offer the option to provide onsite fuel sampling kits.

 ​Fuel Polishing Systems